Thursday, 10 May 2012

Coz I'm a big girl now....

... I don't have pull ups but I did have a big number birthday!!!  (yesterday) And all I can say is turning 50 was a blast, in fact I am going to turn 50 every year from now on!!  That's how good it was/is.  All started with TOF cooking me a mid week bacon and eggs for my breakfast.  A girl could get used to this!!!  And he gave me a lovely bunch of flowers and a nice bottle of bubbles!!

He went off to work and Jak left for school so I opened 3 gifts from some of my rather lovely friends that had arrived earlier in the week.  Remember the parcel wrapped in brown paper with a floral fabric tie and bow??  Well just look what was inside!!! ♥♥

 My gorgeous and uber talented friend Lou lou belle (Louise) hand knitted these fantabulous socks for me.  They are devine!!!!  So Clever!!

By mid morning my partner in most crime that I commit Sue W arrived with a basket of more fantabulousness!!!  The clever old girl had crocheted up a storm and made me this ever so gorgeous cushion.  I wore the 50 cutout she had done as glasses because being of such a grand age that is precisely what you should do with such things. Spoilt or what!!

My mother arrived and flicked me a card with a hundy ($100) in it to have a little spend with.  And we will leave it at that.

My sister Helen (and buddy) and her hubby came over from Whangamata and bought a selection of goodies with them for lunch.  They gave me the most beautiful Indian fabric parasol heavily embroidered and just the best ever brollie.  I shall use it in summer instead of a hat!!  They also gave me a picture by a local artist of a couple of luscious women collect seafood in the ocean called "Kaimoana" and the artist has written on it for me.  Tis a lovely picture and I shall find a suitable frame for it.  We had a great feed and my mother left and then the fun  started.  Well Sue entertained my sister in the best way she can, story telling and jokes.  All without a drop of drink!!!

Anyway this is a selection of gifts that I got because a 50 year old was "in the house"!!

My dearest friend ever Leonie (the one in Germany) sent a parcel which arrived that day.  This is the card, so gorgeous, all handmade (not by her) on recycled paper.  She sent me a lovely bracelet, a book called "50 something and loving it" and a small box.  Inside she had made 50 "F" words, and yes fuck was there!!!!

After my sister had left Sue and I jumped in the car and went for a rather quick trip to a couple of op shops.  She got a shit load of craft mags and I got some glossy mags.  Home for a cuppa and a photo of us two birds and then she headed home.

TOF arrived home and got all cleaned up, my boys arrived and then we headed out for dinner.

Me and my lovely TOF who told me that he was worried about sleeping with an old woman!!! (me)  He told me he had never slept with anyone that was 50.  I said I'de been sleeping with an old man for years!!!

My lovely lads.  Jak nearly 17 and Max 19.

Trying to get a nice normal photo of the three of my boys is impossible, see for yourself.  GIMPS!!!!

Dinner was awfully nice and it was washed down with a couple of drinkie-poos!!   We came home to have cake that TOF had got for me.  Pretty sure he said it was a Moro Bar cake.  Trust me it was nice!!

The boys were bitching about me wanting to take photos but they were all over ruled as I was the birthday girl and what I wanted I got.  I think at least one of the following was ok.

So I had a great day with my family and my friends were so generous with their love for me!!  Anyone who is about to have a big number birthday should just grab it by the balls and enjoy it!!  That is my advice and as an elder now you should all take it!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

It was a great day, thanks for letting me share it with you ♥ Great photos.

Vix said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you and well and truly spoilt! Gorgeous pressies, I've got the same Indian parasol as you. xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Yay! What a gorgeous day - congrats on all of your lovely friends and family and pressies! Geez Louise, that younger lad couldn't look more like you, could he!?

Sarah xxx