Friday, 8 June 2012

This week went missing!!

This week went by in 5th gear I think.  My poor old brain is overloaded with new information so I am rather glad the weekend is here, well for me it is!!

Monday was the first full day by my little lonesome at the shop (RTBS).  Being a public holiday it wasn't overly busy but a good day to be a first flying solo.  I had the best time, and was quite pleased with how the day went.

I wore my favourite old crocheted skirt with another favourite top.  So nice to be able to wear what ever grabs my fancy in the morning and just go with it!!

On Tuesday I was out and about most of the day.  It was good to have a day to catch up on things, buy what needed to be bought and generally have a look about some of the shops.  I went back to RTBS my Monday job to see how Nina thought I went and she was stoked.  While I was there I found these 2 gorgeous little pictures so I purchased them.

My mum had a huge one of these on her bedroom wall and my sisters and I loved it.  We would prance about doing what we thought were ballet moves.  My grandmother even made us all a tutu each, even tho' my eldest sister was the only one to take up ballet.  Might have to see if I can dig up that picture for a laugh.

On Wednesday (SuesDay) Sue (Jenny Craig) Webber came into town for her first weigh in.  I parked the car and while she was doing her thing with Jenny I went to my friends shoe shop.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  I put a pair of delish red boots on lay by, that I will no doubt go and get on Sunday.  She is so nice because she gives me discount, which made a $349 pair of boots an easier to swallow $260.  But to TOF they were on sale and an absolute BARGIN!!!!  Anyway after Jenny had done with Sue we did loads of Op Shops and Sue managed to fill my station wagon to bursting point.  Solid effort by her.  This is her eating her Jenny lunch, farking huge!!!  But oh so healthy!!

Thursday was my first day at my other new job.  Sue and I had done a park and walk the day before so I knew where to go and how  long it should take.  THANKS SUE!!!!!   I managed to hit the kerb in the car park building and try to unlock the wrong car when leaving.  And someone employed me????

They have a uniform of sorts that looked nothing short of disgusting on me.  White fitted shirt over my bumps, humps and boobs was not pretty.  So I got two of these tops from good old Farmers and asked if that would be ok as my uniform.  Answer - YES.  Worn with black trousers, yesterday was black shoes and today I decided on red.  The people are all lovely,  and it has been great learning something new and different.  Just hope by the time I go next week I haven't forgotten what to do.  Great only being 2 days a week.  Work 2, weekend, work Monday, take 2 off.  Sounds like a great plan to me!!!

So now it is time for my slippers and some comfy lounging at home clothes.  Tomorrow I have my great nephew's soccer at 10:30am, then Jak's rugby at 11am then Michael's (Sue W's son) rugby at 1pm.  So just call me the ultimate sports fan why don't you!!!  Good day for my colourful Sloggers to be worn.

I found it, Yep that's me, front and centre!!!

♥ Have a lovely weekend ♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Glad your week went well :D ♥ Just love that last photo! lol

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Nice one working 2 jobs! Love the play area in RTBS! It's an easy place to shop with sprogs on account of that! I've got those 2 little ballet pics too. They're classics!

Vix said...

I love your work uniform, it's lovely and that red shoes are just the perfect bohemian touch.
Sue's lunch looks fantastic, I think greedy old me would struggle to finish that!
I used to have a tray with that ballet picture on, it brings back memories!
What a cutie you were! x

Misfits Vintage said...

I love those old ballets pics - I have one and hope to find more. I LOOOVE that last pic - what a cheeky you are!! Sarah xxx