Wednesday, 13 June 2012

These boots were made for......

...walking, except I managed to trip up and fall over.  But I was graceful in my fall and placed my shopping perfectly to the accompaniment of Sue W nearly wetting herself laughing and then telling the Warehouse trolley boy that I was PISSED!!!  Thanks mate!!

Dam fine boots they are too.  Fabulous Red Leather on a black wedge sole.  Like wearing slippers they are until I canned over in them.  I still love them tho'.

Today was the weekly SuesDay so I went for colour as tomorrow and Friday I will be in my mourning clothes, I mean my corporate stuff.  Might slap a skirt on and wear my Red boots on Friday tho'.

After Sue had been to see Jenny C we shot round a half dozen or so op shops.  Not a lot grabbed me this week and I also didn't have a lot of cash on me due to being scalped by youngest son for a haircut.  His school is so annal about hair, and it is costing me a fortune.  $25 a time.  But I am getting him to  do some housework for me on Friday when he has the day off school, so we could be even.

You know the Cliff Richards song Devil Woman, well I have new words for my friend here :

"It's just the Webber woman, with evil on her mind, beware the Webber woman, she's gonna get you from behindddddd.......".

From St Vinnies I got this little assortment of goodies.  The black fabric is quilted and I think wee Oscar dog will get a polar fleece lined coat out of this.  Lots of lace and trims, small wooden Balinese mask and a nice crocheted doily.  I also scored a brand new Speights (brand of Beer) sun umbrella for my brother in law for $15, it is his choice of poison and my sister is stoked.

But this is my supreme score, a brightly coloured crocheted ghan cardy.  The colours didn't photograph as nice as they are and it will be super duper over something black for my Monday job, which did I mention, I LOVE!!!

I have photos on my phone of the very cool play area in the shop to share with you all, just have to figure out how to get them off my phone and put them here.  Kids just love it, mind you I wouldn't mind a quick play in there myself!!

On the weekend my youngest son Jak went to a school ball in Cambridge.  Not bad considering he played a game of rugby that morning with a massive hang over!!  He scrubbed up alright too.  He is the skinny dude in the middle at the back doing a hand signal.  His date was the chick to the left.  Long story that I shall not bore the arse off you all with.  Lets just say it wasn't really his thing.

As for my eldest son Max, well him and his mates went to town and got up to what you get up to when you are their age.  He's in the check shirt with Sues son next to him with the tat on his arm.

Quite a contrast in events!!!

Well that's it for now.  Really need to read over my folder of notes and info from my serious job before I go tomorrow so I look like I remembered it all and they will all be super impressed with me.  Hope you all have a fantastic week.  Think of me walking in the brass monkey weather tomorrow morning, won't you. -2* this morning and it just didn't really warm up, but the SUN shone as best as she could, so it was a lovely day.  Big thumbs up to the Sun for coming out today!!

♥♥ Toodles ♥♥


The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

When you're walking in that brass monkey weather don't you be falling arse over tit eh luv!

Vix said...

I love that jade frilled number and those kick ass red boots, you look bloody stunning! That crochet jumper is spectacular, they are so expensive in the fashion shops in town at the moment (festival chic and all that malarkey).
Jak looks so much like you! x

Unknown said...

OMG those boots are KILLER - please do some decent sized pics so we can see them properly! The frilly frock is FABULARSEHOLE and you should send it to me IMMEDIATELY!!! And I love Sue telling the trolley boy you were pissed - I told the ladies at the lights that Helga was out on day release when she was having a little trouble standing up back in April! All of your lads are gorgeous.

Sarah xxx

Unknown said...