Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The weekend and Monday!!

Hello there!!  The weekend came and went like they all seem to do these days.  I toddled off to my great nephews soccer game on Saturday morning.  I forgot how cute small people playing soccer was.  He was pretty tickled that his old Graunty Sue ( Graunty = Great Aunty) had rocked up and with her camera.  He was on fire!!!  This was when he was about to score a goal, and the jubilation after was down right hilarious!!
As for his little brother, well some what bored on the side line, he discovered a juicy old worm!!

We spent many a cold winter Saturday with our boys at soccer when they were way small.  Back then we used to run a sausage sizzle to raise funds for the club.  We all took our turn cooking snags on the BBQ and it was ok because you kept warm doing that.  Not sure if they do sausage sizzles anymore, think OSH got all up in arms and deemed it unhealthy or something.  Sad really because there was nothing like a BBQ snag in a bit of bread with onions and tomato sauce after a game!!

TOF needed to go to Bunnings so I was invited to go along.  Bunnings being a MAN shop, big hardware/gardening place, I was keen as to go.  He was after more strawberry plants and we spent ages looking a things like, Spades!!  And power tools!!  Yeah I was beside myself with excitement!!  Anyway he got me these daffodil bulbs which I will plant when it stops raining long enough to get them into my garden.

TOF took me to Bunnings once and bought me lunch he did.  We had a sausage in a bit of bread with all the trimmings, and parked near a garden.  He spoils me!!

On Sunday I decided that my newly acquired funky little cabinet was going to be my new jewellery cabinet.  It fits perfectly on the wee shelf part of my dressing table.  Still have my small camphor wood box but it only  has spare car keys in it now.  I set to and sorted my jewels into the draws and even got rid of some I no longer wear.  I used to make jewellery so I have shit loads, and don't get me started on all the gorgeous beads I have.  I know, I shall take a photo of the draw that they all live happily in.  I just cannot bring myself to  part with them so they are nicely hidden in a big as draw, because one day I may have grand daughters that want to make things.

My gorgeous friend Lou-lou-belle was down from Auckland visiting her parents and she and her family called in on their way home.  She came bearing gifts!!  Honey comb for us and weeds for my girls.  Chickens were well made up with their feed of Auckland weeds.  And we have Honey from her bees!!!

Sunday night I found Tex being a typical bloke.  He was actually asleep with his paw on the remote, but woke when he sensed me coming in to take it!!  I think he was watching a fishing program with TOF!!!  Boys aye!!

So the weekend was pretty much officially over for another week and I realised I only left home on Saturday.  I quite like hanging around home on the weekend chilling out.

Winter turns me into a bit of a stay-at-home gal.  And no op shops were open on Sunday so no reason to leave the comfort of my couch!!

Monday turned up and I was up and ready for my fabulous Monday job.  What to wear, what to wear??  It was a grim old day, grey and wet so I went for a splash of colour and my purple boots!!

Had a great day with lots of lovely people stopping in to browse or fill the counter with the treasures they had found.

I enjoy wandering around the shop and discovering the newbies that have turned up to be sold in my absence.  I get so tempted to spend but I some how managed to control myself yesterday and just looked and droulled.
close up of my boots for Sarah!!

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Vix said...

Tex is such a typical man hogging the remote and looking very grumpy about it. What's his favourite show? Ours were so bored with the England match on Sunday they brought in a field mouse to liven up proceedings.
Love your purple boots and colourful tunic and the honeycomb looks yum! x