Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pippy-long-stockings and a SuesDay

Yes today was SuesDay, my favourite day in the week after Mondays!!!  Today was one of those days where the weather could have gone either way so it called for some strategic layering, and a touch of colour in case the day went dark on us.

So I started with my black and grey striped  (Pippy-long stocking) tights, my long turquoise merino, with my black dress on top, and my favourite winter cardy that is black but zhooshed up with gorgeous crocheted flowers with dangley  bits and ceramic flower buttons.  Oh and my trusty old black and brown pointy toed ankle boots.

I was all ready and waiting for my wing-woman Sue W to arrive so our day out could begin.  Jak was home from school because he is full of snot and has a boil on his leg, quite frankly I was keen to escape the germ infested teenager sprawled out on the couch!!  Sue called him "puss boy".  He didn't find either of us remotely funny so we left!!  Boys huh??

We scored a park right outside Jenny Craig's place and the kind person before us had left time on the parking meter, so THANKS to that kind soul.

The building is on the River bank like a lot of the main shopping/business district.  So I grabbed my wee camera and went for a wander along the paths while Sue was busy doing her thing.

I like the stone stairs, the cobble paths and all the lush greenery that is everywhere.  This is probably one of the best things that our City Council maintains and I don't mind paying my rates for it.  Don't get me started on what I do mind!!

It is amazingly quiet along the river bank considering you are smack bang in central city.  The sun was shining and it was rather pleasant just wandering along breathing in the air and taking in the sights!!

I can remember riding my bike along these paths when I was a young girl with my friends. Back then it was considered safe to go for a bike ride on the river paths, but trust me we got flashed by the odd old man and we would flee quickly giggling like mad.  What is it about beautiful parks and walkways and old men that want to flash their bits at young girls??

The Sky City Casino backs onto the River and has some awesome views from its decks.  I know this how??  I have been known to have the odd flutter and drink in this establishment!!

There are a couple of fancy Hotels nearby and flash Restaurants.

This Maori carving is in the garden out front of the main entrance to the Novatel Hotel, and I had a suspicion that our All Blacks (Rugby Team) could be staying there.  

I saw the Adidas All Black Ute and trailer thingy in the car park which confirmed it for me.  

So I planted my butt on a post in a good viewing spot but not too obvious so I didn't look like some weird old lady stalker and watched.  Bugger me if two of them wandered along in their training gear and went into the hotel.  One being Ma' Nonu.  Would have love to have got a photo with him but didn't have the balls to ask.

Anyway, by then Sue had finished her weighing in thing so we headed off to check out some op shops.  First was one she had heard of that we hadn't been to and probably wouldn't go again, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

Sue spied this sign hanging on a fence when we went to Hamilton East.  This place was next to a pub so I guess they had cause to hang a message.

We didn't find much in the shops which was a little disappointing.

But we were parked by the Park and the old trees are glorious, well they look a tad naked but their bark is impressive!!!

I made Sue pose under this bill board seen as she is heading to Rarotonga soon.  Tui is a brand of beer in NZ and the bill boards always take the piss out of something going on.  I love them, and even have one of their calenders.

I had to stand on the road for this and Sue kept saying hurry up coz people were in their cars at the intersection watching, and probably wondering what us old birds were up to!!!

After that little bit of fun we went to the Salvo in town and walked out empty handed.  Stink!!  So we decided to head back to my place for lunch and a cuppa and a potty stop.  I needed to check in on the puss boy who had gone off to buy himself some lunch.  We stood at the door with our hands on our hips tut tutting when he came in.

We ventured off again and did another three shops.  Sadly not a lot to report on.

I did find this gorgeous wee cabinet that I coughed up $20 for but I lusted for it and just had to have it.  It's 45cm tall and 29cm wide.  Behind the doors are 3 draws to fill with treasure.

This may end up as my jewellery box or in my sewing room, not sure which yet.  But it is fricken fabulous isn't it???

See, doors open!!!

These doilies I got from the Salvo in Hamilton East and the little Asian pot.  I have 2 of these now and the matching pin cushions.

So that was all I got today, pretty unimpressive amount but I am well pleased.

Tomorrow I go to my other job.  Hoping Jak will drop me off in the morning on his way to school so I don't have to leave quite so early and faf about finding a park and having to walk in the cold, and possibly the rain.  He isn't overly keen on getting up early but I reminded him of the early morning drop offs I used to do for his cricket training before he could drive.  Nothing like a little guilt trip!!  Won't have much to blog about over the next few days so I will see you all over the weekend or early next week.  Have a fab old time in the mean time.

♥♥  Toodles ♥♥


Misfits Vintage said...

Jesus wept - leg boils and doilies and little timber fabinets and spunky footballers and days spent with besties... I wish I had a Suesday! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

That little chest with drawers is so cute, it's better to buy one thing you love and it'll be perfect for jewellery.
Your outfit looks fab and the scenery is seriously gorgeous. x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Gimme that pansy doilie! Gimme it now! :D Heck I didn't realise I was on the weigh bridge that long for all dem photers! :D