Friday, 27 July 2012

Call me Saddie the cleaning lady

I finally did it!!  I have cleaned the house.  Not only that but I cleaned the chook house out too!!  It has been such a beautiful day so I was inspired to pull my finger out of my you know what and play catch up on the domestic front.   Once I had finished with being a domestic goddess I sat lazily in the sun on my deck with a nice cup of Earl Grey.  So nice to have the sun visit and actually stay all day.  In a sheltered spot it was perfect.  Made me think of that song by Lou Reed, "Perfect Day" and I have not been able to get it out of my head since.

Sheba found me outside and constantly keep dropping her ball at my feet so I could kick it.  I got sick of that game way before her!

Oscar sunbathed between my feet on the steps.

and I found Tex snoozing in a sunny spot on the out door coffee table.

I needed to change my clothes because I had chicken shit on my knees.  So I grabbed a pair of jeans and had to lie on my bed to do the zip up!!  OMG!!!  It was either start eating healthy or buy a bigger size.  My mate Dawn talked me into joining Weight Watchers with her so I guess that means buying a bigger size isn't an option. We did this about 3 years ago and it was successful but like most, we seem to have gathered the weight back and I also have someone elses, and I am not comfortable anymore. I headed out to the supermarket to get some fruit and things but did a detour to Habitat on my way home.

The shop has been having a change around and it looks great.  I found these two planters in lime green and navy blue stripes.  Thinking of planting them with Dafs.  The book is Michael Palin's Hemmingway Adventure.  I have been watching Michael P on TV in a series on Europe.  Its been awesome.  Oh and in the front is a super soft light weight black shawl.

I have spent the afternoon cruising and snoozing on the deck in the sun. Even my socks were happy with the weather.  Basically I was making the most of it as we are due for it to cave in and turn wintery again this weekend.  If the sun is out I want to be out in it.  My winter Roses, or Hellebore are starting to bloom. 

I love the colours these come in, and I have a few scattered about the garden.  These and my Daffodils are starting to do their thing.  My Dafs must think it is time for Spring.  I'm with the Dafs, enough of Winter, bring on Spring.

Better go shut the house up as it is cooling off.  We have Rugby to watch tonight, our team The Chiefs are playing and fingers crossed they win.  May even go to the pub and watch it yet.

Have an awesome weekend and make sure you do something you enjoy.  Found this gem today and thought I would share it to all you lovelies.


Vix said...

How have been busy and far better than me! The animals look so cute dozing in the sunshine and I love those cute socks you're wearing.
I love Michael Palin, Jon bought me the boxed set of every BBC series he's ever made a few years back. xxx

Tere Ávila said...

yes, i think the same about laugh , it's true!
and nice your dog :P


Misfits Vintage said...

Yay for a bit of sunshine but I won't call you Saddie, I'll call you Happy! Those socks are fabulous. Sarah xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I'mmmmmm Baaaaaaaaaaaaccccck! And I shall be in to play tomorrow! :D