Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Busy as a bee with a bum full of honey

yes that's what I have been.  That saying was something my old grandfather used to say to me when I was a young-un!!

Saturday I woke to a beautiful winters day, almost a spring one really.  I spent the first part of the day watching as much as I could of the opening ceremony for the Olympic games.  Bloody fantastic it was to!!  Then me and TOF went to watch Sue W's son play rugby seen as we were the stand in parents while she was away.  Nah not really, just enjoy watching the game.  Took photos of him playing, getting hurt and being helped off.  I was enjoying the shadows the bald trees were casting on the grass so much I had to record it for all to see.

Even the lichen on the trees was magical.  My grandmother used to say lichen was a good sign that there was no pollution.  Who am I to argue with the old bird.  Didn't when she was alive, so not going to enter into that now that she's gone.  But she was an amazingly green fingered gardener that could grow just about anything, anywhere, anytime!!  The rest of my weekend was rather quiet as on sunday the weather caved in and got all wet and cold, sort of wintery!!!  Back to using the heater, hot drinks, reading and watching TV.

Before I could say "Monday Funday" it was here.  So off to work I went and decided to give my new leopard print fur shrug an outing.  I actually changed out of the leopard leggings and flat shoes into black pants and high wedge shoes.  It's an optical illusion in my mind of giving my height and slimness when I go for those two things.  Even though the weather had come good again and the sun was out the shoppers weren't shopping.  Not a problem for me.  I turned into a shopper tho' as I had had my eye on a Depression glass flower pot thingy.  Probably has an extravagant name but a flower pot thingy for me basically covers what it is.

It is a thing of beauty!!  The lid comes off so you can put water in the bowl part, and you pop your flowers strategically in the holes.  I rather love its chunkiness and its little legs.  This wasn't  cheap but I fell head over heels in love with it and just had to take it home.  Helped with my sales for the day also.  I can get all artistic and creative with my flower arranging now rather than the usual stuff them in a vase display!!

On Tuesday I had a few bits and bobs to do in the morning.  I wore my new to me dress I got off trade me and went all red, white and black for the day.  My oldest and dearest friend Leonie is back from Germany, and back living in Wellington.  She and her gorgeous son drove up to Hamilton on Monday so she came to visit me in the afternoon on Tuesday.  We have know each other since babies so  50 years now and no matter where she has lived in the world, when ever we get together it just feels like the other day and we pick up where we left off.  She is calling in again tomorrow so with a bit of luck I will get a photo of me and my forever buddy to share with you all. Her super gorgeous daughter is me and TOFs God daughter.  Not being religious at all we have been renamed by her, as Fairy God Parents.  Suits me so much better!!

This is my bag of Possum Fur scraps I scored for $12 that I have laid out ready to be stitched together to make a scarf thing.  Thinking hand stitching but not totally sure.  Any suggestions??
(These arrived in the post on the weekend so I spent the evening laying them out ready to be joined into a beautiful fluffy piece of wearable art.)

So today being Wednesday for most but SuesDay for some, well a few, well ok, two of us, it was ready, steady, go!!!  My wing woman is finally home from swanning about on a tropical Island while the rest of us poor buggers have been freezing our tits off.  We wasted no time on dealing to the Op Shops.  I scored a lot of lovely clothes that are currently being laundered so I shall photograph them when all fresh and lovely.  I could not be arsed trying anything on so fingers crossed that they fit.  We had a great time finding things and spending a meager amount of money.  We even found one place that was half price so a skirt I had previously been tempted to buy got purchased today.  Hopefully Sue W will blog her spend up soon.

I got 6 pieces of mother of pearl jewellery for $5, the old tin spinning top toy for $3, and 2 retro fabric place mats for 50 cents.  They are alot brighter than the photo, chocolate brown, orange and yellow.  They are going to look wicked on a tray with morning tea on.  Hmmm, maybe tomorrow.

Well time to go watch some Kiwis doing their thing at the Olympics.  Go Kiwis Go!!!  Shall check in with you all later on in the week or the weekend.  In the mean time, be kind to yourselves, enjoy life and remember to laugh out loud at least once a day.

♥♥ Goodnight all ♥♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Make sure that fecking possum is dead! Don't want in pissing down yer back!
Good to be back! Maybe I couldn't live on Raro, they've only got one op shop! :D

Vix said...

What fab outfits, you groovy hippy chick! Love the retro mats and the spinning top.
How fab are the 'Lympics? I'm still excited about our Gold medal for the women's rowing. xxx

Misfits Vintage said...

There are my fave stripes/spots leggings - you look FAB! Love that old top - and the gorgeous vintage place mats. And I am a bit obsessed with tree shadows against gloomy gothic skies - so I totally understand your tree shadow pic! Sarah xxx

Lashings of Vintage said...

So love reading your blogs - every time I wish I was not sitting here at work (which is where I usually am when I read your blog) but rather out op shopping - you find such wonderful things!!