Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It was bound to happen!!

A SuesDay on a Tuesday that is!!  And a solo one at that. With Sue playing Island girl for 10 days it was me, Nigella no friends!! It was a toss up with doing the housework or going out op shopping.  Hard choice I know that I mulled over in a nano second!!  Sod the housework, it'll still be waiting for me tomorrow.  But then tomorrow I will more than likely go see my mate Dawn the Pottery Queen.

But before I could even head out the door I had a parcel arrive,  this wicked as jacket I got off Trade Me!!  Totally stoked with it, brand new and scrumdiddlyumshish for sure.  I had to wear it out.

My first port of call was the couriers because they left a card saying they had called here yesterday while I was at my Monday Funday Job.  I had a sneaky suspicion it was going to be my fur shrug.  So housework was so far down my "things to do today list".


Must say I am pretty happy with it and could have done with it yesterday as I wore my leopard print tights to work.  Maybe next week!! Quite like it with my stripes.

Then there were my rather high wedge shoes I got from Trade Me that did turn up yesterday. 

My photo isn't the best work I have done but you get the general idea of what they are like. High, so I shall probably fall off these ones.

Enough of what arrived in the post.

Found this soft as Alpacca  poncho with a hood that I shall probably never wear because hoods tend to make me look like I live in the wrong country and should rename myself Suehard or something that rhymes like that.  I have been wanting one of these for soooooooo long, because I owned one many moons ago.  So warm, so soft, so very very lovely.  And so very new and unworn, how convenient!! Oh and I will wear it, just not the hood.

I went to only 4 op shops today as I had planned on tackling the housework when I got home.  But that hasn't happened because I needed to blog of course!!

I did manage to find these cool as labels to put on my preserves when I have produce to preserve.  These are always hard to find so I grabbed them.  Also found this ric rac lace stuff that I know will come in handy.  I really should show you the sad state of my dumping ground I call my sewing room.  I should be ashamed! but I'm not!

So the housework I will try my best to do before I go out to see Dawn.  I cannot promise it will happen but it should do, it's out of control.  Thank god friends visit me and not the state of my house!!  Well I shall love you and leave you, and my parting photo is Lonnie my nieces little Jack Russel.  Rather intrigued with the TV.

♥♥ BYE ♥♥ 


Misfits Vintage said...

Yay - sod the housework Sue!!! I love that gorgeous poncho - I'll bet it's toasty warm... and HALLELUJAH I LOVE THAT LEOPARD CARDI!!! I would totally fall off those wedges too - but aren't they frickin fab?? Sarah xxx

Vix said...

That leopard bolero is gorgeous and so's the hippy-tastic cardi! Love those pink tights with those killer wedges, too!
Bugger the housework, go op-shopping! xxx