Saturday, 21 July 2012

Trade Me, Op Shops, and a bit of Retail.

I have been mixing up my shopping of late.  I love my weekly excursion to the Op Shops, and I enjoy hunting on Trade Me, and right now most of the retail shops are ON SALE!!!  Music to my ears.  Apparently winter is over so all the winter duds are on sale, and alot of it is old stock, ie not this seasons current everyone must have!!  So I guess it now gets down to what did I get?? 
This delightful little cabinet I got off Trade Me, it is about 50cm tall and 30cm wide.  How could I not bid on that??  I have a bit of a thing for small storage things.  Probably because when I was young and playing with my barbie doll my dad made me the most beautiful wardrobe for all her clothes.  It now is my Medicine cabinet that sits on the bench in my kitchen.

Yes this is the one Dad made me.  So I would have had this for well on 40years now.  It seemed such a shame not to use it and seen as I don't play with old Barbs anymore I thought medicine cabinet!!  The hinges on the door are made from leather and the draws have been dove tailed.  Techo talk for builders!!

My srumdiddlyumpshish boots I got from my friend that owns a shoe shop.  They were HALF price so how could I say no to Leather fur lined boots that lace up the back.  I rolled the top over so you could see the soft fluffliness that is the fur.  These are like slippers to wear so ultra comfy.

Now the gorgeous bright coloured Russian Doll scarf I got off Trade Me.  I love Russian Dolls and this scarf just begged me to buy it.  It is really light and down right gorge!!

The wooden feet I suspect are from Bali or somewhere similar and think they are candle holders.  I got them and the Swedish wooden stacker toy from Habitat yesterday.  The toy was only $3 and the feet were a $1.

Not the most flattering picture of my good self but I wanted to show off my spotted cardy I got in a sale.  I have a love of spots and stripe so was well made up when I saw this little beauty.  The black ruffle skirt under my layers which you cannot really see was a dress I got in a sale that I chopped the top off to make a skirt.  I love layering my clothes and with my spots and stripes and a splash of red I felt pretty happy.  I had alot of ladies telling me they loved my leggings, and I said "so do I"!!!   I also got myself a pair of Leopard print tights in a sale which have yet to be worn and a leopard print fur shrug thingy that is coming up from Christchurch as the shop up here didn't have one but Christchurch did and it was such a good sale price that I didn't even mind the $10 shipping costs.  That won't be at my door until next week so I shall slap an outfit together of fur and leopard print and my new boots to show off when it arrives.
I am off to watch Sues son play rugby this afternoon.  Due to the fact that she has abandoned him for 10 days to live the life of an Islander in some tropical paradise, I am to be his stand in mother.  So I am going to let him stay up late, eat junk food and do what ever he likes.  The fact that he flats with my son and is 20 is irrelevant, I am going to let him behave badly!!!!!   Hope she has a splendid time away.

♥ Gotta go, so have a great weekend ♥


Helga! said...

LOVE your layering,doll!!! I'm a bit irritable about that fabulous spot cardi,as I would love one!!!
I too adore storage thingys,but large rather than small.Sums up my life,really!!!
I'm pleased that Winter isn't putting you off your shopping game!!

Lashings of Vintage said...

Lots of lovely fun finds!! Absolutely love the wardrobe your dad made - very cute - and uba cool you still have it :-)

Misfits Vintage said...


Vix said...

Those leggings are fabulous, I knew Sarah would go wild for them!
Love the cabinet your Dad made, it's so sweet and those feet candle holders are the most gorgeous things ever! x