Thursday, 5 July 2012

WoMan flu on SuesDay

Yes it appears that I  have WoMan flu which is a strain of Man flu without the loud sniffing, coughing and constant moaning!  But  did this stop me from attending the weekly SuesDay?  Not on your life!!  Being under the weather and not up to my usual bright self we only did a couple of places.  I got me another pin cushion for $1 and this cute as Xmas decoration for $3.  JOY, yep I was feeling the Joy for sure.  Especially when the lady at Savemart wanted to check our bags and then have us leave them in the car or behind their counter.  I DON'T THINK SO!!!!  We let her check our bags, apparently for knives and or scissors??  Someone has been cutting and slashing clothes.  Seriously, do us Sues look like slashers???  Flashers maybe but not slashers.  We kept out bags and I told the lady someone was more likely to keep scissors or a knife in their pockets.  I also think my days of shoplifting are well over, can't speak for the other Sue but suspect I would know if she was light fingered!!!  Anyway after that we headed to Spotlight where I think we more than likely have shares in the place as we seem to have been there alot and keep spending.  I got more fabric and some wool with bobbles on.  To buy braid with bobbles is totally out of the question so at $7 a ball I have the next best thing.  Just need to find my sewing MoJo so I can get creative!!
Today I phoned in sick, taking the day off, wagging work, take your pick but I am at home.  I have a hot date with, Ms Tissues, Ms Panadol, Ms Ventolin, Ms Tablet, Ms book, and of course, Ms Fur blanket and Ms heater.  The thought of going to work today and enduring 8 hours didn't appeal so I am safely tucked up in my own home hoping to knock my WoMan flu on the head.  Of course I do have my dogs for company and they are loving it. And Jak is on school holiday but I am sure he will bail out to hang with his mates pretty soon so the house will be all mine!!!
 Also today is one of those bleak grey old mother fluffer winter days but my girl  mother nature still knows how to make it look beautiful.  My resident spider has obviously been busy overnight and created yet another spectacular web that is covered in morning dew.  Spider webs are amazing!!!  Then there is the one lonely flower that has manged to grow up and above the shrubs.
Well it is time I had some lunch and I feel the urge to have a pie, some man food,  this is quite clearly a side effect from being unwell.  SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffff!!!!!


Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I do hope you are feeling better, Sue! Big hugs but keep those germs away from me! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Hope you're getting over the man 'flu now, you poor love! x