Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The week so far....

..has been great!!  Monday Funday was a blast as per usual, and I only had a couple of coughing fits that nearly made me pee my pants, but I didn't, thank goodness or is that the pelvic floor muscles?  The WoMan Flu is all but gone, just a cough left to kick into touch so that is brilliant.  On Monday we had a good old fashioned hearty Waikato frost, the crispy sort where everything outside looks slightly magical, depending of course on who is looking at it.  Me, I love the way the bird bath freezes and I hope the sparrows will go ice skating when I am not looking!!  I knew we would end up with a good sunny day, but not overly warm so I went for layers.  Even put my long red boiled wool coat on top of all the layers.  I was toasty!!  In the shop the changing rooms have some surprising features that reflect the place and are very quirky.

Like a foot to sit on or rest your handbag......

Or a silver hand to hang clothes on.....

how about a big hand to rest on............

then you can always hang your bag of this guys nose!!!

I can always tell the first timers because you hear them commenting on the interior of the changing rooms.

Then along came today, Tuesday and I headed out to my mate Dawn the arty-farty Potter to put together my doll that I had been inspired by our very own Helga Von Trollope!!!  She is pretty darn cool, and can be posed in so many ways due to her limbs being copper wire.  I am tempted to make her a handbag and maybe some glasses, possibly even some necklace of pearls!!!  If I make another one it shall be a Sarah doll wearing a lime green poncho!!!  What do you think of that Sarah??  Of course there could also be a Vix doll and a Sue doll, my god I could be making these for ever!!!!!

Then there was my Rainbow sheep, the wee colourful lamb that is the representative in the flock for all the gay sheep.  He has yet to be named but it will come.

Dawn has made a flock of these in plain white and they are so gorgeous.  

Apart from making sheep she has been making the most unbelievably cool toadstools.


Her first lot have ended up dotted around in the garden of her studio.

So that is the first two days down and of course tomorrow is SuesDay and we Sues have an appointment with my gorgeous hairdresser Deb to be transformed into beautiful creatures, so look out for evidence of that!!!!  And hopefully we will come home with armfuls of treasures from our favourite Op shops.

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Vix said...

I LOVE your outfit, Sue! You look so cool and edgy layered up like that with the red boots peeking out, if I saw you in my town I'd insist on a photo, stylish women here are as rare as can be!
The Helga doll is gorgeous and so are those cute toadstools and the sheep, I want all of them! x