Thursday, 9 August 2012

Good morning Sunshine, and by the way I got a Certificate!!

Yes today the Sun is out, Spring has Sprung!!!  Even if only for today I do not mind.  And as for the Certificate, big wow!  As long as TOF don't see it I shall be fine.  1000 trades, and I am not sure I can say half of them are sales.  If I did he would want to know where all the dollars are, and my guess would be on the other half of the trades!!  Last Certificate I got would have been back in the '80s for completing a dress and deportment class with my buddy Leonie.  One school holidays our dads thought we should go to the Waikato School of Elegance to learn how to be ladies.  How did that turn out???  I still know how to put my brollie up in a crowd and how to take my gloves off, and that is it!!! 

So yesterday was SuesDay of course and I threw this lot together.  The dress I scored last week and I am pleased to say it fits!!  As do all the other things I got and didn't try on.  Sue followed her instructions and was in here early which meant 2 oppies before her date with JC.  That would be Jenny Craig and not Jesus Christ. Working on my limited amount of cash I found a few things that spun my wheels but nothing of major excitement.  After all last week I did exceed myself in the spending department!!  

Yesterdays finds are as follows:

Scrumdiddlyumpshish wee candles for my Fertility candle holder!!

Gorgeous Tropical themed paper plates for a summer picnic or BBQ.

A rather delightful silver necklace.

and the funniest ever book on Yoga For Cats.

Tex is currently in a meditative state on the floor in the sun, so money well spent there!!

Another pleasant day spent with my SuesDay partner.  When she had departed my place I let my girls out, my chickens!!  I was faffing about in the laundry and could here a tapping on the back doors.

Yes Miss Iggy Poop and her mates wanted in and I don't blame them it was cold and wet outside.

They didn't half move when the dog/cat flap moved.  Left a calling card on the deck for me too, how kind.



Misfits Vintage said...

Iggy Poop!!! LOVE IT! The necklace is gorgeous - and I love that pic of Iggy at the dog door! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Those chickens are cheeky blighters, I love those pictures of them! that necklace and candles are fabulous and I've tittered over that Yoga for Cats book before, it's hilarious! x