Friday, 10 August 2012

Took a trip out to Webberville I did!!

Sue comes in to town every Wednesday so I decided it was about time I took a trip out to her place.  It has been a while, due to weather, work, when I was working, and her being an Islander for 10 days.  We had one of those good old fashioned Waikato Fogs this morning that I hoped would lift before lunch time.

Being on a country road I was able to stop every so often and take photos out the front window of my car.  Fog makes everything look slightly magical, almost expected some medieval horsemen to come riding through the fog in full battle cry!!  Now that would have been way too cool.

Apart from wanting to catch up with Sue in her natural habitat there was a gorgeous wee boy to meet.

And how gorgeous he is!!  Spent the night living inside as he is being bottle fed.  His mother had triplets and she hasn't been feeding him, so Midwife Webber to the rescue and he is a happy and healthy wee bloke.

Ram-a-lamb is his name at the moment and he is almost like a puppy because he comes when he is called.  I so want him.  Not sure how that would go with TOF tho'.

I have not bottle fed a lamb since I was a very young girl.  Relatives of mine farmed out Raglan way and gave us a lamb for a pet.  As a kid I was allowed all sorts of animals in town, my parents were pretty relaxed about that sort of stuff.  Maybe that's why I have my menagerie in town.  I would so love a plot of land so I could have more animals.  I told TOF I would want a barn so they could all go inside for the night to sleep.  He just rolled his eyes at me!!

Anyway, the fog did lift and we ended up with a beautiful Spring day, that just begged to be photographed.  So get a cuppa or something stronger if you want because you are about to be bombarded with photos!!
Ram-a-lamb's mother, brother and sister

just a awe how cute moment

Clyde watching the Drake

Sue and her goats

Spring in action.
The Girls whose names escape me

Clyde and Max

Homeward bound in the sunshine.

Hope you all had a lovely Friday like I did.  Now it is on to the weekend, big thumbs up to that!!!



Vix said...

Awww! too much cuteness! I want a lamb! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh man - if I went to Sue's place I would never leave! I love the lovely little lamb - and I especially love the pic of that beautiful border collie watching the drake! I always stop and take pics in the fog too, Sue - it IS magical! Sarah xxx