Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My favourite day and in the Sun!! Last week.

Now if this confuses you well this was last week before my computer spat its dummy, so may as wee share it.

Yes my favourite day of the week was yesterday, SuesDay!!!  Got myself a little glammed up with a bit of purple eye liner and some blingage around my neck.  My  eyes are shot to hell today from the eye liner so it will be going in the bin.  I look like I have been hanging off the bong all morning with seriously blood shot eyes.  Apart from that I am tickety-boo!!!  Haven't worn this necklace before and I have had it for an age.  Waiting for a glamorous moment to wear it I guess.  Bugger it I thought, it has to be worn so it was and I might say I got alot of compliments for my seriously OTT necklace!!  All big pearls and diamontes!!  Bling Bling!!

On my bottom half I wore this HOT pink 3/4 tights and flat blacks.  So I was going for a purple, pink and black look.

The funniest thing is that when Sue arrived she was wearing ..... HOT PINK!!!!

We did her weigh in thingy then started on our expedition of shopping.  First port of call was the Salvo in the main street.

So here is the banana eating Hot Pink wearing meter maid!!!

Normally I like to park right by the Aggies so she has to get out of the car into the garden!!  This time it was like a where is Wally moment finding the bloody parking meter.  And if you don't put money into this cash gobbling City Council rip off things you end up with a ticket.  Meters in the main street are a total rip off, but cheaper than an infringement notice!!  Anyway enough of that, it was time to shop.

It really wasn't my day, but the other Sue was on a roll.  She successfully filled up the back of my station wagon with bits of furniture and bags of goodies.  I did find a god awful top with this label in it that required photographing!!  I was having one of those days where I picked things up and then umed and ared and decided not to get them.

I did however find this sweet old biscuit sized tin that I have since put all my reels of cotton in that I scored the other day.  That was at Habitat and only $1.  I was hoping that more plants would be in as I am on a bit of a gardening mission at the moment.  My parcel of seeds arrived in the mail the other day, round carrots, radishes, Zinnias, Sweet Peas, Poppies, and Alfalfa.

The big jar I got for my Alfalfa to grow in.  I even goggled how to grow it due to being a novice in this department.  TOF is the gardener round here!!  But I have my garden boxes to grow whatever my heart desires in this year so look out!!  I have been planting things in them already and I am getting quite excited.  I also found a good size seed tray, slapped some seed raising mix in and sewed some seeds.  At the moment I have wire covers on my garden boxes to stop the chickens eating everything and Tex using them as a potty.


Vix said...

Long time no see! Boo to evil eyeliner! Love that biscuit tin and your outfit is fabulous! x

Helga! said...

Boo to the evil eyeliner indeed!
I had that once with a mascara!
That blingy necklace is fabularsehole,darl!!!
I'm quite into the tin,I loooove me an old tin! I keep jewellery in them at the moment.
Wacko to the banana eating meter maid!! Peel my banana baby!