Tuesday, 28 August 2012

it's all gone to custard

So far this week has been 'crap'. My desk top computer has shit its self and is not looking like a quick fix or cheap. Then on monday TOF got fired from his job. Long story but the shortened version is he said something they took offence to so fired him on the grounds of so called serious misconduct. Having an opinion is not cool. So after 20 years on the job its see you later. Over the years they have been bought and sold, shuffled and moved but the last 3 years he has hated working there. But maybe this is how he will find something better. Food parcels are welcome!   No seriously we will be fine, things always work out in the end and I will not resort to prostitution!!!
On a positive note tho' I built myself a salad garden from broken concrete. TOF and I went and got some soil and added compost he makes and chook poo from my girls.  I am growing things from seeds but also bought a few plants like fennel, italian parsley and some other bits.
Anyway thisblog post is being done on my tablet and proving quite slow so I will love you all and leave.  Thank goodness its wednesday tomorrow and you all know what that means. SuesDay!!!!!



Misfits Vintage said...

Oh bloody arsebiscuit - sacked after 20 years!!! Good for you, TOF, I hope whatever you said was a frickin doozy! Big hugs! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Oh no! That's a terrible end to 20 years hard labour. Hope TOF and you are okay. xxx

Helga! said...

FARK!!! Bloody HELL.
Power to TOF,for sure.I reckon it's just what the doc ordered, a good blowout!It'll all work out just fine,you mark my words!XXXXXXX