Monday, 6 August 2012

woohoo it was Monday

and it is all but over.  With the Olympics on the TV it is awfully hard to go to bed.  Just watched our Valerie Adams chuck a shot put like it was a muffin, that thing had wings and man did it fly!!!  But I need to go to the land of nod because my eldest son the independent one who flats but doesn't drive has requested a ride to work in the morning at 6am.  Lucky for him I love him!!

This is the display I threw together at work today of my Potty friend Dawn that we are selling for her.  Strategically by the front door, well positioned to blown the minds of potential customers.  It has been admired by many today but I want them to get their wallets out!!  Maybe later in the week.

I am off to Dawns tomorrow and have the intention of making a "Sarah" doll.  Thinking lime green poncho and flowers in that luscious black hair!!

All will be revealed when done!!!

As per usual I got awfully tempted to purchase things.  Every Monday there are new things waiting for me to discover.   I caved in when I found this little container.  Rather old, wicked shape and quite frankly GORGEOUS!!  I did also get a very cool white lace top thing off the $5 rack.  Yes there is a $5 rack and even better a $2 chest.  We cater for everyone in the shop we do.

I won this delicious colourful candle holder off trade me and picked it up on Sunday morning.  Apparently it is a Fertility one!!  I am in no need for Fertility but I do love the brightness of it all.  TOF quite likes the sound of Fertility and has informed me he is only to pleased to help out.  Good for him.  Now I need to find three slimish candles to place into the holders.  Might use it as lighting when we have friends over for dinner!!! 

Poor wee Oscar suffers from Pyoderma, which is an allergy.  So not really curable but maintainable.  He gets lesions from scratching and he has one by his ear at the moment.  Hence the bandage to prevent him aggravating it.  I feed him a non beef diet and alot of raw foods.  Like he loves his veges and fruit!!!  But if he gets given something he isn't supposed to eat by some one who knows better than to feed him extras he breaks out.  Poor wee man, but he does enjoy the extra attention he gets from  his mum.  After playing with Sheba I did find the bandage over his eyes instead!!

Leaving you with this profound piece of writing I came across.

And I too Choose!!

  Bye for now 


Clara Turbay said...

Your suggestions are always inspiring.

Vix said...

Poor Oscar, give the little lamb a hug from me!
Dying to see your Sarah doll and loving the pottery display. That candle holder is stunning!
It's a nice change to be able to watch the Olympics in real time for a change. I had withdrawals over the weekend, wanna see Jessica Ennis in action, go girl! x