Sunday, 5 August 2012

My hectic social life

yes apparently this weekend I had one!!!

All started on Saturday night as we were meeting friends in town for farewell drinkies. TOF and I got to the venue we were told to go to and on time only to find ourselves all on our own.  After waiting and then a bit of detective work via my mobile , we were told the venue had been changed, and the people having the party couldn't contact us as TOF didn't have his mobile on him. Yeah yeah.  We decided it was getting too close to the kick off for the final in the Rugby that our team The Chiefs were playing in.  So we went across the road to this bar called CBD where we had a rather pleasant meal and watched the game on big screens in the company of some hard core fans.  It was fantastic, and to top it all off they won, which then meant town would "Go Off".
Our hard working jubilant boys now deserve to have some fun.  We went for a wander around town and only bumped into a couple of Max's mates probably thing "What the hell are the oldies doing in town"?  I so want to go into the trendy bars and get photographed some how and end up on face book to really piss my boys off.  It sounds like a job for me and mrs webber I think!!
TOF got bored with the walking round milling about with kids so we left and ended up with the people we were supposed to be with.  All in all we had a great night out.  Until round midnight TOF must have got all concerned about the possibility of turning into a pumpkin, so we came home!!  He can be a bit of a nana some times.

Today Nina and I went out for lunch to a lovely place called Punnet.  I had my camera but forgot at that stage to take pics.  The food was amazing and very filling.  There is a country store type shop with organic everything, cooking books, kitchen nic naks and just stuff!!  I got some Macadamia Gold, gluten free muesli.  It looks divine and I got TOF some Macadamia toffee.  When the fields are full of strawberries ready to be picked I think I will go back out.  Such a tranquil rural place to have lunch.

I forgot to take a "what did I wear today" photo but it was black and white spots with this gorgeous new silk embroidered shawl draped over my shoulders.  Looked smashing with my red boots it did.
After our lunch we set of to Inspirit Studio and Gallery to the opening of a new exhibition.  Apart from amazing things inside the gallery I was taken by the sculptures in the garden which I will share with you.  Another glorious rural setting with fresh country air, filtered sunlight, and farm animal sounds.  So many gorgeous but expensive things to buy, I gave in to a cute ring of pink with white spots.  With a glass of wine in our hand we wandered about the artwork outside.

wooden carved tui

copper ?? but very cool


wooden angels
amazing big ball

metal praying mantis
copper sculpture

huge metal polar beer

Tall wooden garden Angels, totally loved these
reminded me of Ned Kelly, Ozzie outlaw dude

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready to embrace another week of what ever it is that you have to do.  I have more Olympics to watch tonight so I will say goodbye to you all now.


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Helga! said...

YAY for busy times,rugby,sweet glass rings,crazy garden ornamentation (I fancy the polar bear,perhaps for mine) and that divine shawl!!!