Wednesday, 26 September 2012

couple of old bags big day out

SuesDay yet again!!  Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

We scrubbed up for our day out too!!  Both our out fits are all second hand.

Quick photo shoot before we headed off to the "DUMP". 

From the Dump we went to Frankton and then into town to JC.

The building where JC is, is a rather doozy old one.  Lovely Mosaic tiling on the floor, wide sweeping stair case, and flash plaster molding everywhere.  Cool Lighting also.

From there we headed to the Salvo in the main street and we were parked outside a French Cafe, one run by some lovely Asian girls.  We treated ourselves to a spot of lunch as we had been on the go since 9amish and we felt we deserved a bit of a sit down and a feed.  I ordered us Spinach and Ricotta in Filo which was heated up and served with a salad.  Trust me it was DELISH!!!

Our well deserved rest was over so we headed off to the SPCA op shop and then to another Salvo.  Last but not least was our all time favourite, Habitat!!

The things I could not say no to today are the following:

Cute old as kitten framed picture on half price for $2.50, super gorgeous Sylvac dish with lid that had an asking price of $10 but it had been repaired so the lady let me have it for $2, and the dinky little wooden stool/plant stand for $2.  Tall blue glass bottle $3, cute leather coin purse $2, and dainty little doilie for .50c.  Wooden trug style tray $2,  just over 2m of floral cotton fabric $3, and 2 outdoor furniture cushions $1 each.

Ultra large plastic woven bag for $7-50 and 2 big paper fold out star lights for $1.  They will look great hanging somewhere or another!!!

My clothing finds are, colourful TS14 top $4, beaded cropped jacket $2, and EGG maternity dress $8.  NO I am not in the club, I was fixed a few years back and it fits really nice.  The clothes look much better on but they all need to go into the wash.

All in all another very successful and entertaining day out with the other old bag.  Forgot to say we were models in the Salvo window for about 5 minutes, entertaining one of the lovely ladies that worked there!!  I was worried she was going to lock us in the display area so we gapped it back to the safety of the shop.  Told her a slightly filthy joke, left her laughing and we made our escape.



Helga! said...

You classy wenches! Y'look like butter wouldn't melt in your may not,but I bet I know what would!!Bahaha!
Hurrah for a grand day out and some fabularse scores! You got the touch,my girls,you got the TOUCH!

Misfits Vintage said...

Tell US the filthy joke!

You Sues look bloody gorgeous - and what a FAB day out! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

You both look utterly gorgeous. I'd be afraid to join you and let the side down! Love that kitten print, it's so ridiculous I'd have to have it! x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

That's funny I don't often go the Sallies in town but I did this morning! Got a few scores We were at Hazel Hayes and I had time left on my meter so we walked down! I noticed that french cafe. Used to be a pub there wasn't it?
You girls look great. I would have noticed you if we'd been there at the same time!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Another great day :D Oh bugger Op Shop Mama! All you need to do is look for the filthiest gold Ford Mondeo Station Wagon and we'll be close by! I reckon it's the dirtiest car in Hamilton..if not NZ!! :D