Thursday, 27 September 2012

It's not my fault, you should have taken the car

Being on somewhat of a roll yesterday I conjured up a cunning plan that incorporated a few more op shops whilst out and about doing my B's and P's today.  Before I put my plan into action I had my morning chores to deal with.  Obviously I am easily amused and amazed, proof in the photo of the range of eggs my girls had produced.  I thank them every morning when I feed them and collect their efforts of producing lovely jubly free range eggs.
I am also easily distracted.  Making the bed I realised how dam gorgeous my Sylvac container really is.  Pride of place on my dressing table and the new home for my watch, Mala, and Labradorite ring while I sleep.  Then I remembered how I didn't share with you all the two new jugs I bought with my shop credit from work.  I worked in the shop on Tuesday as well as Monday this week and Viv, I call "Antiques Road Show" because she knows everything about collectables was there.
She was pricing up stock for her part of the shop.  It is so much fun seeing what wonderful thing she will next unpack.  Ex Antique Dealer so she tells me she has a major amount of boxes to unpack.  I fell in love with this jug, so fat, and the Wisteria is very sweet.  Some fancy brand but I cannot remember. My preference is jugs rather than vases for fresh cut flowers.  And I have alot of lovely flowering plants in my garden so they will be picked and plopped into this I am sure. The little jug is part of a Royal Winton Breakfast set, worth squillions if you can get the whole set. This one is only about 8cm tall.

Have a look on trade me at Royal Winton Breakfast sets to see how insanely amazing they are and how much money is being sort for them.  Way out of my price range so happy to settle with the little jug!!
So side tracked I took photos of inside the part of our TV cabinet that should house a stereo but not here, it has my whimsies.  The pic on the right shows my dads old builder wooden ruler and his wooden planner that he made when he was an apprentice.  When he died these and his old blue handled Estwing hammer were the things that I asked to have. He built lots of things for us over the years so these things were my forever feel good about my dad things.

This gorgeous thing is the result of one of my missions today. I won this on trade me and had to go collect it.  But first I had to wait for a couple of buyers to come here to collect and pay for stuff I had sold them. Also there were 3 Camellia shrubs I won for $6 that needed to be collected.  In between all of this I visited a few op shops in the areas close to my pickup zones.  My wooden privacy screen was out in the countryside at Tauwhare about a 15 minute drive from home and just down the road for my niece so I visited her while I was in her neck of the woods.

Lonnie and Tank sitting ever so beautifully, Arlo, and Basil the cat.

The chicken coup, the flashest one ever.

Arlo and some of the chickens and the paddock with Jade's sheep in it.
There is nothing quite like fresh country air to make you feel alive!

I was even back in town in time to collect TOF from work.  But unfortunately this meant he saw the back of the car well full of goodies.  I don't lie to him about my buys but I probably alter some of the vital information like how much!!

Darling old fashioned framed print $5, hand embroidered book mark 50c, 2 sets of TTTE for my toy box only $2 each.  Everyone loves Thomas!!

Hand embroidered table cloth $6, each corner has this in different colours.  My Lighthouse has a tea light candle inside so when lit all the windows light up, $1.  TOF is going to take me to the Lighthouse over on the East Cape over summer.  I quite fancy Lighthouses!!

Floral top $4, Purple top $5 and skirt that I have already cut the top layer off to reveal plain black and the spotted ruffle and tulle was $8.  But I want this as a petticoat so the $$s didn't matter.  None of these look like much on hangers but they will be grand to wear in summer.  It is on its way you know.  Has to be because day light savings kicks in this weekend which means the Northern Hemisphere have finished with summer, have packed her bags and are sending her south to us lot!!!  I don't mind her taking her time as long as she remembers what she is here for when she arrives.  She has a job to do!!!

My pets are being introduced to a raw food diet as I am fed up with the expense of all the processed pet food and as a Naturapath told me, raw food is what they used to eat.  Lucky for me both dogs and the cat like fruit and veges so raw meat, chicken necks and uncooked bones are now on the menu.  I have also decided that the dogs will not be vaccinated every year.  My vet will not be able to upgrade his car or have that overseas trip now!!

Looking at this you would think Oscar is gagging on his carrot but in truth this is the look of ecstasy!!!

Plan is to head out to the Webber Country Estate tomorrow and have an advance viewing of the newly redecorated bedroom and dressing room.

♥♥ Toodles ♥♥


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Where did you find those treasures? Well done :D See ya tomorrow :D

Vix said...

I was watching Bargain Hunt Down-Under the other day and the Brit experts were amazed at how the things we overlook here in the UK are in high demand down there. Here Royal Winton is considered poor man's pottery and commands little interest, we're still obsessed with Clarice Cliff and Suzy Cooper.
Love that screen and that jug with the stork (?) on the side. xxx

samecookiesdifferent said...

so cute the dog
xx the cookies
enjoy your evening!