Friday, 7 September 2012

latest aquisitions!!

This is just going to be shite loads of photos of stuff I have got this week.  Mostly from SuesDay on Wednesday, some from RTBS on Monday, and a little trip out today.

Cushion cover fully embroidered in a heavy thread, with a cushion inside, for a teensy weensy $2, from Red Cross.

I had a cat plate and like this when I was real young so this has to be pretty old, at least 40 odd years.  The little jug is old as well and I am thinking Crown Lyn but not sure, will get my Antiques Road Show friend to check its bottom for me.  Both for a delightful $4, from Salvation Army.

Srumdiddle purple maxi dress with beading around the neck and randomly here and there, just begging for summer to turn up,  $8 from St Vinnies.

All the clothes I photographed on my $20 solid wood Clothes stand that I got off Trade Me the other week.  The lady that sold it used to put her clothes out on it at night all ready for the next day.  I am never that organised!!

Crop jacket top thingy-ma-jig with ruffles and frills and colour on black for $3, from St Vinnies.

Chiffon tunic dress for $6, from Savemart.  Great for layering now and it is going to be perfect in summer.

A hippy-tastic (word borrowed from Vix) patchwork skirt that is ankle length on me and down right gorgeous, $6, from Save Mart.  I totally fell in love with this and it so reminds me of my teenage years spent at the beach!!!  Except now I need to wear a bra with the top I will wear with this!!

Fantabulous (word borrowed from Helga) fringed fabric that is going to be a table cloth on my outdoor table when summer arrives.  I am going to split part of it and bind and put buttons on it and a hole for the umbrella pole so I can put it on and off the table without taking down my enormous umbrella.  This is a NFS project but it will happen.  $9 from Save Mart.

Size 1 dungarees and check shirt for my Scarecrow that is at this stage another NFS but will happen as Sue W is doing it too.  Total of $6 from Save Mart.  Just hoping TOF will allow the Scarecrow in his vege garden.  Which by the way has been totally fenced off so none of the pets can get in there.  Leeks and spuds are in so far!!

Gorgeous tray clothes, top one $2 from RTBS and the bottom one $1-50 from Habitat.  Jak made me a wooden tray at school last year so these will be perfect in that.

RTBS has an old wringer washing machine full of $2 things and a big travel chest with $2 clothes.  We also have a $5 rack.  I love pricing the stuff for either of these, and every Monday when I work I restock both.

My Moroccon  Star tea light candle holders!!  Mmmmm, there was 4 but I limited myself to just these 2.  They are round 20cm with little doors that open to the candle area.  Glass and metal, and I am going to hang them in my garden at night.  The one on the left is dark blue and the other is a nice pinky plummy colour.  I had these on layby at RTBS and was paying them off with stuff I sold in the shop.  Not cheap but I had to have them, you know what that is like!!

Bright red crinkle satin slip dress with lace hem, $7 from Habitat today (sorry Sue W).  Super handy for under things now but cool for summer.  I like clothes I can wear any season the best!!

Chiffon sort of fabric floral dress that has covered buttons and fabric loops all down the front.  Such a nice dress apart from the 80s power dressing shoulder pads that will be removed.  $7 from Habitat.

I also got another pot full of (spelt incredibly incorrect) Ixieis.  A Spring flower, well bulb, tall like reeds with big pink flowers. $3 from Habitat. I will take a pic when I get them in the garden.

This little lot came from Look Smart, shop is all on sale, 50% off everything except, vintage, retro, dress up and uniforms.  Sale is on for another week or so and the shop is loaded as they closed their other shop so they are buldging at the seams!!

Navy blue and white spot scarf, 3 tiered black glass necklace, beautiful book on Venice, Reiker shoes, and a Speights hat for my brother in law.  All for a sweet $7-50.

Just a close up of the necklace as it truely is quite spectacular!!

My plan is to be in my garden tomorrow even if it rains.  Rain won't kill me!!  Have 2 more raised beds to make using broken concrete.  At this stage I have enough broken concrete to do about 1 and a 1/2 gardens but I have concrete to go collect so I should be right.  When they are finished and planted they will be presented here for you all to marvel at!!

I have so many seedlings growing that I need more places to plant them. My little green house is working really well.  Every seed I have planted is starting to pop up.

So another weekend is about to unfold and I wish you all a happy weekend doing things that make you happy with people that make you smile.

♥♥ Warm Fuzzies ♥♥


Helga said...

I am cray for the black necklace!!
Intrigued by that dress stand thingy! I try to be organised as when we cycle I ahve less time to get reayd for work,but I don't always manage it!I like the idea of that stand thingy! Great score!
The cat plate is heavenly,I've never seen the like!Opshop Mama knows a thing or two about Crown Lynn,she would know about that jug,I reckon!
And all those lovely frocks!That purple one is a winner,as is the patchwork skirt!!! YAY!

The Webbers living a life at the beach said...

Blimey that was a Herculean post! Lol! You went to Habitat without me! **Sob** Probably just as well! :D

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Ha! What a crack up - I saw that black and coloured top at Vinnies on Tuesday as they were bringing it out of a bag. I ummed and ahhed for a while but then decided the style wasn't quite me, although the print defo is,,
The funny thing is that I almost emailed you about it as it looked like you to a T! Hard case!
Yeh that looks like a Crown Lynn jug. It must be a colour glaze or capri one.. Most likely.
Good shopping.