Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tip toeing through tulips with TOF

Today was the annual Tulip festival hosted by the Dutch Society at the Hamilton Gardens.  I had told TOF about it thinking he more than likely wouldn't be interested but he surprised me and said "lets go".  Must have spun him a great yarn about what it would be like!!  The Tulips are all planted up in the Victorian Garden which is the oldest part of the gardens and by a busy main road.  So we saw them as we drove past.  And that was the only time we saw them. But they look amazing and I may go back through the week with my big camera if we get a nice day.  Maybe my SuesDay partner might like a leisurely walk amongst the Tulips!!  I will pack a Ukelele so she can perform her tiny Tim song!!

We had a nice old wander around the gardens by the Pavilion where the festival was held.  The photo above is TOF near the Camellia Lawn.  With all the rain we have had of late everything was looking decidedly lush outside.  I love the huge old trees like this one.  On closer inspection a fare few young lovers have carved their names into the trunk.  I accept that I guess, but I hate see trees tagged with spray paint!! Well back to the festival.  There were a few food stalls with amazing looking temptations but we didn't end up buying any food as we had indulged in a big cooked breakfast this morning.  Inside the Pavilion there were stalls selling Dutch things of course!!  I love how the elderly ladies were dressed in their national costumes.  There were a couple of old dudes selling beautiful wood craft, and ladies selling Tulips of course.  For entertainment there were groups of young girls dancing, nothing traditional as far as I saw but lovely all the same.  I noticed how TOFs eyes were glazing over with the look of "get me out of here" so we abandoned the building for the greater out doors.
See I love all these cultural festivals, craft shows, and just generally slinking around the gardens on a nice day.  But I thought I wouldn't push my luck with TOF as the Hispanic  Festival is the next event I want to go to, in two weeks time.  He is keen as he imagines scantily clad young  girls dancing!!  There will be things for sale there as well as food and I am hoping I can find a nice Alpaca Poncho.  With a bit of luck there will be some clothing stalls.


Of course I purchased some Tulips as you do when you go to such events.  The dear old lady with a very heavy dutch accent all dressed up in her traditional garb was so lovely.  How could I say no??  And I do love my spring flowers. They look so gorgeous in my Nana's old vase. Must get some bulbs and grow some Tulips, there come in the most amazing colours.

Then there was the sweetest elderly gent inside selling his lovely wooden turned pots.  This one is made of NZ Rimu and so beautiful and he only wanted $5!!  If I had more cash on me I would have got more of them.  This one is approx 10cm high and 9cm wide.  So much work goes into making these, and it also reminded me of my late Grandpa Bill, he had a lathe.  I still have a candle holder he turned for me made from the wood of the old peach tree he cut down.

That was the morning all used up so this afternoon as promised I got out side and set to moving and arranging my broken concrete.  So far I have made my gardens.  I have put a layer of wood shaving and chicken poo into both of them and one has a healthy serving of compost in it.  Then the sky fell apart and rained so I will continue with them tomorrow.  Hopefully they will be photo ready in the afternoon.  We are going out to visit some friends in the country who have some coloured Calais Lily plants for me.



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I'm up for that Hispanic one, Ole!!!

Vix said...

Nana's vase is just stunning! x