Saturday, 22 September 2012

Yesterdays treasures and a dress that fits

Woke up this morning to SUNSHINE!!!  What a great day to be alive.  Off I went to soccer prize giving, very cute watching all the teeny tiny soccer players all excited about certificates and trophies.  Left there to come home to pick up TOF as we had a date at the bank to sign papers to put our mortgage on holiday for 3 months.  All done and dusted so now we can relax a bit and the pressure, financially goes off.  I am sure TOF will find what he wants during the 3 months and hopefully I will get more hours at the shop or find a little something else to help the coffers.  Anyway, yesterdays scores.  Cushions for my outdoor chairs, round table cloth and a dinky little tray that is going to have some of my oil cloth glued in the middle.  Perfect for my cuppa and reading glasses.

These sweet little porcelain Angels are by the Bradford Exchange and limited edition.  Numbered on the back and all.  Bit of a score for $5 then.  I already have another one and I think of them as my babies that didn't make it.  I lost 4 you see, 3 before Max and 1 in between him and Jak.  I was and still am convinced they were all girls.  So here are my Angels.  One day I will get inked but I have yet to decide on 4 what I would get tattooed on me.

The big reveal, me in the dress I got for $3 the other day that I really didn't think had a hope in hell of fitting.  Even the side zip went up without having to breathe in.  So I am now going to keep it as it is rather sweet.  With a bit of effort I will be wearing this in summer!!  Quite like it over my jeans too.  Being on a roll with my little camera on the tripod and feeling pretty pleased with the fact that this fitted I am now going to reveal me in some other recent buys.

This won't be worn with my jeans and I was just being simply lazy!!  Wicked as brand new Caftan dress in leopard print and flowers.  With side pockets!!!  On a stinking hot day this will be the ultimate dress to let it all hang out in!! Sue W said to wear my floral gum boots with it, YES, to Jak's cricket!!!  He'd be gutted to say the least!!  He is in my bad books he is after getting busted for wagging school.  He bought up the fact that I wagged, but at least I didn't get caught until the very end of the year and wasn't intending on wasting anymore of my parents money by gong back for another year.  OK enough of that, lets just say, he has lost!!!  He should know by now not to mess with the mother.  Hey, but the caftan is cool!!!

I love this top.  Arrived in the post the other day.  I bought it off Trade Me after doing my usual typing of Tibet or Nepal in the search bar.  It is so nice to wear and wear it I will.  Patches of gorgeous cotton, so lovely and cool.  Another all season thing which is the best thing to own.

My big old fake fur blanket had a lovely hole bitten out of it by a rather real big black dog who will remain nameless!!  It was either remove her teeth or patch it.  So patch I did with a big pink fake fur heart.  But if she does it again, I will not be held responsible for my actions!!

Okay, so I have watered the garden, checked in on all my baby plants.  Just need a quick lunch and then I am off to the Hispanic Festival.  TOF is reneging on coming now so gong on my own.  That's cool tho', I am a big girl and not afraid to go places by myself.  Packing my camera so look out tomorrow for my next post.



Kay said...

and very lovely you looked in your new top Sue (I had banned myself from blogs for the morning so I hadn't seen it bwforehand and it was a bit of a miracle I recognised you!). It was lovely to actually meet you in person!

OP SHOP MAMA said...

My son was down at the prizegiving too... not me though - I was sale-ing!

At the sales I was chatting to Donna (who was just off to do the floors at RTBS) and Anni St Pierre who's in that collective thing... Sounds interesting! Haven't been in there for a while - I must do! Maybe I'll try and make it a Monday when you're in!

I'd love to meet up with you guys one day. Only it can't be on a suesday as my name is not Sue! Trouble with me is that I'm totally random as to when I go to the oppies.. it's all based around kids etc.. I am surprised I haven't seen you birds around!

SO SORRY to hear about your lost babies. That is heartbreak itself. You poor thing. Maybe just the simple word FOUR. Well that's what comes to my mind. But obviously you'll work out what feels right for such a beautiful tribute.

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

SO cool we are all in the same town :D Looking forward to the Hispanic photos, I'll damned well make it next year, no renovations or decorating will be done during that time...I'll make sure :D