Friday, 21 September 2012

I got side tracked

TOF took the car today as I had great plans of being a domestic goddess for the day and reek havoc with all the over due housework.  Started off all well and good but my first distraction came while hanging washing out.  A vapor trail in the sky.  Then of course once I am side tracked I just go with it.  Such a beautiful day and being outdoors was so much more inviting than hanging about inside with a dusting rag and the vacuum cleaner.  But I did not give into the the desire to be outside.  Well after I had snapped a few pics of new things sprouting in my garden that is.  Then half way through cleaning the bathroom with Janola and me forgetting the whole bleach thing on clothing part, a friend called in for a cuppa and a catch up.  Distraction number two!!  Visitor gone and I was back into my cleaning like a mad woman possessed!! Dusting on the go, then moving on to the vacuuming.  Fark!!  No cleaner bags.  Disaster!!  No, I resorted to plucking some off the crap out of the bag in the cleaner so I could continue on with the mission I had started.  Half way through and distraction number three arrived.  Phone call from the Webber woman.  Yes yes I am available to play this afternoon, but I have to finish my cleaning.  I am sure I heard a thud as she fell off her chair in shock.  Vacuuming nearly done and she arrives, laughing her arse off at catching me DOING HOUSEWORK!!  Finally finished and another friend phones and laughs at the thought of me vacuuming, tells me she had to fan herself so she didn't faint!!  Cheeky buggers my mates!!  Due to completing the task at hand I felt a deserved leave pass to go forth and play SHOPPING!!  Fab little afternoon out and will pop up pics of my gorgeous finds tomorrow as I really should be heading off to my bed.  But I will treat you to my garden in pictures.

Here's to a great weekend.  Our weather is looking promising and tomorrow is going to be a busy old day.  Great nephew has soccer prize giving in the morning and I have been invited to go watch.  In the afternoon the Hispanic Festivals is on at the Hamilton Gardens and TOF is still keen to go.  We also are off to good friends for dinner at night time so we will be busy as bees with bums full of honey!!



Vix said...

I don't even know where the vacuum is, I leave that nonsense to Jon! Great blooms, you've definitely got greenfingers even if you're a fellow domestic slattern. xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

*snort* Domestic slattern! Love that! :D hehe You have so got to come out to mine so we can do something with all the fabric I'm accumulating! How did you get them little pics side by side?