Wednesday, 3 October 2012

All ready to go and I got the call

There I was all ready and waiting to hit the shops on SuesDay when the phone rang.  Webber shows on the caller ID so I go, "your leaving now".  Apparently not, Sue had decided not to come in today, so it was me, Nigella no friends, on my tod, all alone!!!  What was a big girl to do??  Well I have my big girl pants on, and I have slap on my face, and I am all ready to do the weekly out and about..... but TOF has the car, and Jak needs the old one??  Decision made, sod it I am going out, I will drop the ungrateful teenager at his Cricket thingy-ma-jig and hit the shops solo. You know I will always love my boys but there are times where they do make it difficult even to like them!!!  Least said the better!

Each SuesDay I have decided I have to try to wear something scored from the previous one.  Not difficult for me as usually I find something and if not there is bound to be something else I can throw on from a past session out and about.  

Sorry, there is alot of BLACK but I have thrown some colour on board!!!


Top was last weeks score from St Vinnies. Worn over an old favourite black slip dress,  with a new favourite Pink petticoat skirt I got off Trade Me, over leggings, with my Op Shop Italian Black leather ballet pumps.  Necklace and bracelet I made and showed off last week.  Hair is due to be tidied up next week, so all in all I was ready.  All systems were go, the teenager was in the car, so off we drove in silence.  We were early and he suggested we wait in the car for 10 minutes.  I don't think so lad, get out, I am on a MISSION, and a SOLO one at that.  See you later, much later!!  In fact I will text TOF and he can pick you up after work.  BYE!!

I had the best time ever I did, considering my wing woman wasn't available to play today.  But I did her proud I did!!  Here are the results of a down right good day!!

Duraware plate $1, new bowl for Tex $1, 2 x embroidered Muffin cover cloths $1 each all from the Salvo in town.  Borobudur carved stone Temple Picture in wooden frame $6, saw one of these on trade me last night for $80, small Indian Basmati rice sack $1, made a great carry bag today.  But my bestest ever score was this fabulous pile of Duraware picnic crockery for $10 from the Hospice shop in town.  This stuff was in the family caravan when I was a very young girl and we thought it was naf then, but I totally love it now, and it is so going into my picnic hamper and then TOF and I can go to Raglan for a drive and a PICNIC!!!!  Romantic or what??

Old plastic coated cane wool container that you use when knitting for 50c, small vase possibly Crown Lynn $2, Metal Buddha head $6, all from the hospice.  The wool container belonged and was made by one of the old dears working there's mother.  Half apron $4, and beautiful embroidered woolen throw with bobble edging for $3, believe it or not, from Save Mart.

TS top $4 from St Vinnies today.  The other 2 tops I found yesterday $6 and $5 from Save mart.  The ones from yesterday are lightweight jacket sort of things that are great over sleeveless dresses in summer.

This cute little size 5 girls dress was too good to pass up on at only $2.  I could wait and see if in the future I get a grand daughter or pass it on to some ones little girl.  Just need to find one.  Any little girl that wants a cute Navy dress with white spots, sailor collar and ties at the back??

Such a successful day deserves a late lunch and a relax on the couch before I go plant the 10 box hedging plants that arrived today.


Vix said...

Blimey, I'm surprised you could fit it all in the care!
Your outfit is so cool and I totally love the screen. We have a huge collection of that melamine, it started when we bought Gilbert, everyone's parents kept emptying their caravans and giving it to us and I could almost set up a shop! Still can't help snaffling it when I see it though! x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I didn't realise that was what that type of basket was for!! (the wool thing) I've got a few of those and I love them - just stash stuff in them...
SOOOO JEALOUS of that duraware! Lucky cow! I think I might have even parted with $10 for that!!