Thursday, 4 October 2012

Hold me back someone, I did it again!!

Due to the late cancellation of SuesDay yesterday and having to go solo, today we decided to have the real thing, but a day late.  Like I needed to get back out there amongst the shops.  But we went to a few we haven't been to for a wee while and all plans of not spending much flew out the window quick smart!!!   Ooops!!!  Black and White were the colours for today's little trip out.   Favourite spots and stripe leggings, with op shopped from last week petticoat skirt, with spotty ruffle, accompanied by a striped long sleeve t, all under my old favourite black slip dress.  My bag was my multi coloured embroidered one just to break up my mono chrome look.  My plan was to look for things to go in my picnic basket now that I have the Duraware crockery.  Basically I want a cool old wooden bread board, salt and pepper shakers, napkins, containers etc etc.... I managed to get a few of the wants on my mental list but as per got horribly side tracked by other wonderful bargins on offer.

Gorgeous Poppy cushion $4, tiny salt and pepper set $1, wooden board $3, bark cloth draw top bag $2.  The Alphabet wall hanging was $1, and the reusable bag was $3 and awfully handy to stash all my buys in today.

The cow print jars were $1-50 for the pair and already have beads and things stashed in them.  Ocean themed table cloth $2, floral coin purse $3, and the scarf tie was $2.

Of course there were clothes!!!!  There are always clothes!!

This bloody gorgeous floaty wrap jacket just screamed out my name so I had to part with $8.  As for my satin shirred top pants, what my dad would have called "poop catcher pants" well they were far to tempting to be left behind.  Haven't tried them on as yet but they should be good lounge around on the couch pants I am sure.

I have saved the best for last.  The ultimate bargin, my buzz for today.

The coolest of cool coffee tables with magazine rack for a mere $2, yes that's right, only 2 buckeroos!!!!

The wooden top is slightly knackered so I will unscrew it, cover it in oil cloth and re attach and hey presto I will be the proud owner of one kick arse coffee table.

I am now some what empty of funds so tomorrow may well be an at home day, and who knows the old vacuum cleaner may get dragged out of the cupboard!!


Vix said...

Fab outfit, killer bag, lovely Alphabet hanging! I wear those harems in India, don't think Jon totally gets them either but ideal for overnight sleeper trains if there's a perv on the bunk opposite! x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Wow cool score!! Love that table. Good price!!
Looking forward to seeing yo in those poopy pants!