Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Half way gone or half way to go??

Wednesday which means only one thing in this house. SUESDAY!!!!!  But before I share today with you I have to share yesterday, Tuesday.  Remember the pottery brooches I was creating well I got "The Call" to say they are done and ready for stage two.  I never need to be asked twice to head country and hang out with Dawn.

So this is what they were like when they had come out of the kiln and this is what I have stage two-ed so far.  So I have four more to frou frou  then they are going to this Gallery where Dawns sells her stuff to see if they want to sell them.  If yes, it could be the beginning of a wonderful new earner for me!!  The whole 9 to 5 buzz just really isn't for me.

Last night poor old TOF had all the animals wanting to sit with him on the couch.  Not convinced it was that comfortable for TOF but the animals were all pretty happy!!!  He is so patient with them all. Bless!!!

OK, so now on today.  Well Sue W slept in this morning so we headed off a little later than usual but still squeezed in a few shops before she had to go to JC for a measure and quote.  Not only was she being weighed today they were taking her measurements.  After JC we called in on another 8  places.  She had the back of my wagon bulging at it's seams.  I managed to find some lovely things this week so here comes the show and tell part.

These are net curtains with the wickedest ever lace hem that I intend to turn into an underskirt, sort of Tutuish!!  Wooden hand that you can put your rings and things on, retro plastic pot and clip bag handle for a project that is currently wafting about in my head.  Round plastic table cloth for my outdoor table.

Floral shirred top skirt/short dress.  Black lined lace top.  And lovely light weight cardigan that I am going to pimp a wee bit with lace, doilies and stuff!!  Another project wafting about in my head.

Put your hand up if you like SPOTS!!!!  I do too, how wonderful.  Finally found the basket for all my picnic stuff and only $5, just need some reliable weather and I am off picnicing!!!  Oh and how is my table lamp?? Mmmmmmm!!!  The lighting in our lounge sucks so I am going for an alternative set up.  The base is super heavy so no chance I will knock this over.

Tomorrow I have some Buxus hedging plants to put in the ground.  I have a cunning plan to wall off parts of the garden with hedges.  Today I potted up 18 more buxus clippings so I am on a roll.  I have to go collect a couple of Magnolia trees and some blue daisy shrubs with gardening being the plan for me.  Fingers crossed that the weather doesn't shit itself in the morning!! As for the half way question, I say the week is half gone!!



Misfits Vintage said...

Yay for Suesday! Love your gorgeous artworks - the colours are fabularse! (I know I know - I owe you an email, sorry, darl!) I do love a man who loves animals. Love all of your treasures - especially the rose canister and the POLKA DOT SHOES!!! Sarah xxx

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Yeh I keep expected to bang into you gals one day!! Trouble with me is that I'm kid-dependent.. I only go if I'm in the mood and they are.. and often I do what I did today and RIP in and out, with no dilly-dallying to be done!!
I am up for an op shop crawl at some stage though - defo!!

Maybe in a couple of weeks I think..

I scored the exact same rose canister a few weeks ago, only with a white lid.

I used to make fimo buttons and sell them on a housetruck in the gypsy fair,( back when it was cool and not tacky or mass-produced!!!)
Like your work!

Vix said...

Loving those badges, they are so pretty! Green with envy over that wooden hand, mine keeps toppling over as the weight of my rings is too much for the poor thing!
Love a man who loves his pets, that's usually Jon of an evening, too! x