Thursday, 18 October 2012

A years worth of weather in one day!!

Hands up if you are over crappy weather, weird weather, down right unpredictable weather?  My plans for gardening didn't quite take off, but I did collect the 2 Magnolia Little Gems  and the 3 Blue Margarates today.  The unfortunate thing was that I had to go past a few favourite shops while out on my plant collecting mission.  The thing is if I can pick the odd thing up for a good price and then resell and make a little something extra then I don't have to get a real job and my love of op shopping can continue.  And who gets hurt?  So apart from my plants this is what I found today.

One very cool basket in water hyacinth with 3D trimmings and leather like straps, hexagonal stool to be recovered in oil cloth, of course.  Gorgeous cup and saucer by Chikaramachi which is Japanese and comes from the Noritaki factory.  Two tea light candle holders in metal with frosted glass shades that will be awfully good on the table outside at night.

I sat up late last night to finish of the last of the brooches.  I have kept the white one bottom left in the photo.  Fingers crossed that the gallery lady is as excited as me and Dawn and wants them and lots more.  I am thinking of some other ones made from slices of branches and wire and beads.  Just have to find the right sized branch and get TOF to do some slicing for me.

I managed to plant a few shrubs in the ground today so my garden walls created from shrubs is in stage one.  Show and tell will come when I have some more plants in the ground, maybe over the weekend.

Well it is pissing down outside at the moment and getting a little on the chilly side.  So may go find my slippers and my nana blanket, and await the dinner bell.  TOF has a rack of pork in the oven and trust me it is smelling heavenly (sorry to all the vegetarians).

Yay it's Friday tomorrow


Vix said...

Those buttons are gorgeous, hope you make yourself a fortune flogging them! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Remember me when you're a millionaire wontcha! :D