Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sunny days, shoping, and swanning about in a Park

Like the tree hugging hippy that TOF said I was when he first met me, I got up close and personal with "that tree" in Memorial Park today.  Sue W was desperate to visit said tree so we slipped it into our busy schedule and she wasn't disappointed!!

The weather was PERFECT and it made me think of Lou Reeds song "Perfect Day".  I love that song.  So much so that I will give it a crack at loading a video near the end of this post.

Hamilton has plenty of beautiful Park, Gardens and River bank walks.  I love my City and my favourite Park is this one, Memorial Park.  I have always known it as Parana Park and been a frequent visitor my entire life.  There have been ANZAC Day services, Art Festivals, Bike rides and Picnics.  Such a nice place to just take in the wonderment of the aging but ever graceful trees.

We strolled through part of the park taking in the beautiful day through our cameras, looking possibly like a couple of tourists!!  Of course there was time to pose!!

Sorry in advance to those that object to my small photos but I like three in a row!!  For more pics from the park you can check Sue's ones here .  I walked a little further to take some more pics.

These stairs go from the Park up to the road where one of the many bridges cross the Waikato River.  Thankfully all that was under the bridge today was Pigeons but there was plenty of evidence of what goes on under there after the sun goes down.  Pity they didn't take their rubbish away with them.  When you get to the top of these you get a great view back down the road that runs along the edge of the park but my favourite view is the next one.
These lovely old gates which have been here for quite some time.  We are a young country but to me this is old and wonderful.  Driving down the main street today I pointed out St Peters Cathedral to Sue W, rather small in comparison to what she was used to back in the motherland, England!!!  But still a beautiful old church none the less.

Finally we felt the need to continue on with our shopping and a bit of lunch in yet another park in Hamilton East where a few drunks were hanging out.  Pleasant really!!??  One offered us the park bench he was sitting on - "Hey ladies you can have my seat".  Excellent!!!  My purchases were few today but fabulous.  Have slipped in a couple I got yesterday hence only a few today.

 Billy pot $3 and tapestry braid $1-50 all up.
 Glorious wooden painted bangle $3.
 It seems I have developed a basket fetish!!  $4.

Fine yarn and a small kete for my friend Louise, and another Happy Hen for my collection which was only $3 and had its original box!!

So while you listen to my favourite Lou Reed song you can have a good old laugh at my last photo, me trying to do my best effort at a Helga pose!!!

Yahoo to Sunshine


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

A great day! ♥ When was the last time TOF saw you in that pose...nekkid??

Vix said...

What a stunning park and a very sexy Helgaish pose! Love you in purple! x

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Got to go down to check that yarn bombing out!
And you guys look great..

Love that purple.

And we can see large versions of your photos just by clicking on them!
Defo was a glorious day yesterday.. I was hoping to see more of the same today. I might get a bit excited if it turns out like that two days in a row!!!