Sunday, 28 October 2012

I have an ironing board but not for ironing!!

What a busy little week last week turned into.  The last few days came and went in a blink of activities.  Trying to remember what I did really does sometimes proves difficult, it is an age thing apparently, but I do remember the important stuff, well the good stuff.  Like I remember going for a job interview on Friday and it was promising, but I'm not bothered either way.  I figure what will be will be so if I am meant to have a job it will happen.  This one hasn't got another office lady in sight, just a bunch of mechanics, so could be the place for me!!!

I also remember going to the supermarket "all by myself" to do a full shop for the first time in 20 years.  I am not a big fan of supermarkets but I survived the ordeal and may even do it again.  But I do prefer to go with TOF we joking call it "Date Night".
That same day I gave wee Oscar a poof and a pamper!!  See I do indeed have an ironing board and it is bloody perfect for grooming the small dog on.  I detest ironing, in fact Jak had a crack at ironing a shirt before he went out last night!!!  Good for him!!
The same day I supermarketed, groomed the pooch, I even "Washed" the car!!  Had to really as I had been out to Webberville through the week and her road is a dirty gravel and dust bath for the last bit, and enough to coat your car in grime.

Oscar is so tiny when he has been defluffed and bathed, and he smells pretty alright as well.

I spent time in my garden, putting in more beetroot that was ready to go from the pots to the garden and I also planted another small hedge.  I cannot wait to have secret gardens in the back yard.  It will take longer than I want but I am working on being patient.

The birds are digging having their bird bath in this spot.  Can't say I mind because you can watch them splashing about when sitting on the deck.  They are quite funny to watch as some get rather carried away with the whole ordeal of bathing!!  All my gardens have rocketed away and I have been picking lots of salad bits and enjoying my radishes.  Want to see???  Sure you do!!!

I also remember getting a Clematis Plant in the post from a lady over in Thames which is a coastal town.  That needed to be put in the ground and being the good builders daughter that I am, I also attached a climbing net to the garden fence so when it grows up it can be the climbing plant it is destined to be!!!

I am pretty sure this has blue flowers so it will look pretty fabulous when it does it's thing.  But for the moment it is just a baby in the ground.

Friday night I  helped a good friend of mine price up stuff for the garage sale she was having on Saturday.  She has just been forced to close her business a really nice shoe shop.  Readers digest version is she has been screwed over by the dude she got the Franchise off so had stock to sell.  She has always been good to me so I was only to happy to help and I enjoy sorting and pricing.  Left her place at 11:30pm that night and was back there the next morning at 6:30am to help her at her sale.  She did advertise it as a Shop closure and she was very reasonable.  Like all these gorgeous shoes were only $25 and $35 a pair when they had retail prices of over $100.  Gorgeous scarves were all $5.  But people still expected it for NOTHING!!  It will now all end up on Trade Me.  We did sell quite a bit tho' but of course there is still alot more to sell.  For helping her she sent me home with a bunch of stuff, no matter how much I protested she wouldn't let me go with out it.  So to her I say THANK YOU!!!  Nice to know I was appreciated!!

 Pretty generous thank you don't you think??

Gorgeous shoes, floral tights, cute bag, wicked scarves, and 3/4 fish nets.

There was the normal garage sale fodder for the punters, so we got rid of alot of stuff.  At the end we put the shop stuff back in the house and loaded her little Rav to the roof with stuff for the City Dump Shop.  Good stuff was heading there!!!

My memory must be returning because I also remember fitting in a few sneaky op shops on Friday before my job interview.  Driving down the main street in Frankton I saw a familiar person crossing the road so I hung out the window and yelled out "What are you doing here"???  Yep Sue W and she nearly shit herself!!!  So we wandered about killing the 1/2 hour I had to kill.  She had already been to a few shops and had found me a cushion which says "Born to shop, forced to work".  We laughed as I was about to venture off to find work!!!

I found the fish bottle opener for TOF and these cute little flower and leaf beads for me.  The coffee perc I got for TOF also and today he had a brew out of it.  Quite impressed too.  He went fishing yesterday out at Kawhia, which is West Coast and rugged.  But the good old boy came home with lots of lovely fresh fish so guess what we will be eating tonight for our dinner!!!  Confident I can throw together a healthy salad from the garden, have plenty of eggs fro m my girls, so it will be a Thanks to Mother Earth dinner tonight!!!

I have some seeds to put into seed raising mix and some Capsicums that need to be repotted so that is my afternoon sorted.  TOF is off to watch Jak at Cricket now that he has finished filleting the fish.  More washing is ready to go out so I must get that on the line before the weather gives in to the ominous looking grey sky.  I hope you have all had a nice time this weekend and that you don't have trouble remembering stuff like me.  Nah I am only joking, I think I have developed selective remembering, it comes from living with men.  My parting photos I found the other day and thought I would share with you all.  Me and my sisters and my mum and gran, just a few years back of course!!!

This was taken about 38 years ago when I would have been 12.  Grandma and grandpa has just come back from a holiday in Hawaii. We got loads of gifts, one being our velvet and cane jandals, we were so IN!!

Back row is Grandma, mum, me, Helen (14) then in the front is Diana (16) and our dog Sally.

Back in Grandmas garden a few years later.  This time, Diana (20), Helen (18) me in yellow (16) with Sally and mum (40).

Remember stuff and laugh
old photos will do that for you!!!


OP SHOP MAMA said...

What a bunch of blondinos!! Gorgeous! Nice looking dog too..

I saw that sale advertised.. I wondered what shop it was..
Great shows and tights! Fantastic!
I think trademe is DEFO the place to sell that stuff. Garage Salers are looking for big time cheap stuff.. go straight for trade me to sell new stuff I recon!

Yeh the article was pretty annoying coz I said loads of intelligent stuff but she took out something really banal and kind of what related to her view of op shops in aucks - which have totally gone ridiculous. But that was what she was basing her story on..

Nice to see that Sallies make 9.9 mill a year - that was pleasing!

Fresh fish - unbeatable! L:ucky you!

Vix said...

You lot look like you should have been in an Abba tribute band, bloody fab picture! Those Indian block printed wrap skirts are still being made today. x

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I remember those velvet thongs/sandals - and I was desperate for a pair with carved timber soles - SO GLAMOROUS!

Your garden is looking very fabulous! Sarah xxx