Saturday, 13 October 2012

Surprises all round


Yep it's me and I am wearing my fab new top, totally love the sleeves!!

Yesterday I woke up feeling a little on the rough side but still managed to go out and play with Sue W for the morning.  I drove and she spent, worked for me!!  After lunch I had me a nana nap that ended up turning into a 3 hour solid sleep.  Still feeling slight yuk but had a Surprise 50th to go to and really wanted to be there.  So glad I did go because it was a lovely night.  A lot quieter than normal for this crowd but all the relatives were there and they are hard core Mormons, so it was a little dry if you know what I mean.  But a really pleasant night all the same.  The birthday girl was totally blown away and we had a good old catch up with some good mates of ours.  Also managed to plan a get together of a more rowdy type in the near future.  So I have woken today sounding like I have smoked an entire tobacco shop dry and should be making adult 0900 calls.  Feel better but sound very Husky!!!  It is piddling down outside so there is no expectation to do alot today so the couch with my fur blanket and a hot drink will be fine and dandy for me.  Probably will pass on going out tonight.  I will leave you with pictures from my garden, these flowers are edible, how nice!!

Fabulous colours too!!!

Have a lovely weekend


Misfits Vintage said...

Hope you feel better - you look absolutely GORGEARSE in your fab new tunic/top/dress! Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

O900 Husky,aye?! Ha, I often end up like that after a night out.Hope you've perked up a bit,lovely.
The top is divine,the sleeves especially!
Hurrah for a good night out,amaing you had a good time considering it was dry! Don't think I could ahve managed that....XXX

Vix said...

That top is glorious, even better on! I know the feeling, I've sounded like that for a week, hate it! x