Thursday, 11 October 2012

Spending money to make money

Before I get onto the topic of spending money to make money I must share last nights antics.  The outdoor furniture I scored the other day is well and truely in place, in fact TOF and I had our breakfast on it this morning. But last night Max and Michael came to collect the old table which Max has always claimed was his anyway.  The fact that I paid for it is an invalid point as he and his mates were the users and abusers of said table.  They bundled it upside down on the back of Michael's ute and for the first time ever he drove SLOWLY down the road to their flat!!!!!  About half an hour later I discovered we had run out of laundry powder so I jumped on my bike and rode down to the flat to borrow some and check out where they put the table.

The lads wanted to know where the beer was, as that table had alot of bevies drunk around it over the years.  So sweet that the table has left home and gone flatting with the lads!!!

My trusty cruiser bike, built for comfort not for speed similar to myself!!

This afternoon I went out to my mate Dawns place.  I had some stuff to under glaze and she had these gorgeous ornamental tea pots for me to take photos of.  They stand about 40cm tall and they are fabulous!!!!  Now she is making cups on legs to go with them.  She doesn't use a wheel, all this is hand sculpted so very unique. She likes to work in a big scale where I potter about in a much smaller scale.
These are my creations.  They were going to be big buttons, they are about 6cm across, but I now think they will be brooches.  Some are 3 dimensional and some are not.  This is them under glazed, so what until they have been fired and clear glazed!!  Then I get to attach them with copper wire to pins, and I cannot wait to see how they turn out.  If these sell then I will be making more!!!

Before I even got to Dawns house I called into what has to be one of my favourite little op shops.  Totally old fashioned with prices to match.  And yes I had a wee spend!!!  Why wouldn't I??  This is the "spend money to make money" segment.

Gorgeous pink skirt for $2.50, way to small for me but it will be resold.  Animal hide wallet $1.50, and the necklaces were $2 each, all to be on sold.  Red textured fabric wonky hemmed crop cardy 50c and a keeper.  Remember the hat from yesterday, well I looked at the label with my glasses on and it didn't say made in China it said Jacques Vert.  I goggled this name and it is from the UK and their hats start at 99 pounds and work their way up from there.  So definitely getting moved on, especially as racing season is kicking in and summer!!

I also discovered a shop that sold new stuff and second hand.  I didn't even get past the new stuff!!!  I found this amazing long tunic top which looks way better on than off!!  Smack my bum, retail and not even on sale!!  Sometimes you just have to do it.  Maybe I shall wear this tomorrow so you get to see why I NEEDED it.  So many scrumdiddleumpish things in this shop but a lack of time and money means I will have to go back another time.  I know what a bugger that will be!

Friday tomorrow, and TOF and I have a surprise 50th to go to before the weekend even kicks in.  Saturday we have another do to go to with a Karaoke machine which could prove pretty entertaining to say the least.  My camera will be on hand for both events.

♥♥ SMILE because its good for you ♥♥
and it is way cheaper than a facelift!!


Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE YOUR BIKE!!! Those mental teapots are FABULARSE and I love your gorgeous buttons/brooches - CLEVER BIATCH! Have a gorgeous weekend. Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Those tea pots and your bike absolutely rock! Those buttons are fabulous, too! Love the ethnic kaftan and the hide clutch you're selling.

Helga! said...

Totally blown away by your buttons!Fabularse! Can't wait to se ethem finished!
Most excellent scoring,you seem to be a a roll!
Yummy bike, I have on ald C froam ZI must get out...trouble is the brakes don't work,but I do look divine on it.Comfort,not speed,is what I and my C frame bike are about too!
O,those teapots are amazing,would love to see what cups she makes to go with!

Helga! said...

o,gawd,shoulda spell checked......!!!