Monday, 22 October 2012

Some of us even went to work!!

Yesterday my gorgeous friend Louise (aka Lou-lou-belle) was down from Auckland so she and her fams called in for a visit.  Louise is the most arty fart super talented lady I know.  Especially when it comes to fabric, needle and thread.  For as long as I have known her she has always made quirky mice and fabulous things from felt or vintage fabrics.  So imagine my delight when she presented me with a parcel containing this gorgeous mouse!!!  Isn't she just fab, and only 15cm tall.  Remember the socks she knitted me for my birthday?  She always comes armed with greens for my girls which they totally love.

This afternoon I took Ms Mouse outside for a photo shoot because she is far to cute not to share.  Don't you just love her teeny tiny hand knitted cardy and shoulder bag??!!

While nearly all of NZ was on holiday today I toddled off to work!!  Fine with me as I have the rest of the week off.  Actually I had a reasonably good day with people coming and going and having the odd spend so my day was tickety boo!!!  I wore one of my Op shop buys from a while back a jacket top over my favourite black tunic, with pink ruffle slip, black leggings and yes I did wear shoes.  These were taken this afternoon when I got home.  Shoes are always the first thing to go!!  I finally picked up a layby I had in the shop and i am quite excited about the prospect of wearing/using them both.


My fabulous Cow Skin bag!!  

And this gorgeous cropped cardy.

I ventured into what can only be described as my NO GO ZONE (sewing room) this afternoon to repair a dress that I wish to wear under my new cardy.  I should be ashamed of the state of this room.  But some how it just doesn't bother me!!  As long as I can get to my sewing table, what the hell about the rest of the room.  I know where everything is and that is the most important thing.  It is not like I entertain guests in there!!

It is a place of beauty!!!!

To the right you will see how I really feel about being tidy.  I am pretty sure I swept this room with more than one glance!!!

If you had the day off today on holiday I sure hope you had a great time. And if you worked like me, well I also hope you had a good time.  TOF is starting a job tomorrow, may only be until Xmas but at least the bloke will have something to do.  He has been getting quite bored and I am over having lots of cakes and biscuits to tempt me to a forbidden place called "Pigging Out".

Love to you all


Misfits Vintage said...

The mouse is gorgeous but fer gourd's sake, love, do us a favour and give us some decent sized pics - my eyes are OLD, you know and I want to see all the gloriarse details!

Send TOF over here for a little while - I could use some homemade cakes! Seriously though, I hope his job goes well - and maybe turns into something longer term - we all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and what's a man to do if his cakes are no longer desired??? Your pink cardi is GORGEOUS!

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

That mouse is amazing, has she got long plaits, too? What a clever bunch of friends you have!
our outfit rocks and sorry, but I can't see any mess. It's way tidier than our place
Great news on TOF's job, hope it all goes well for him. xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

This wasn't showing on my blog list :( No wonder I didn't see it. Love the cute mouse, great job Louise :D I've spent the last 2 days (on and off) trying to organise my craft room, I really do have to stop adding to it ;-D Well I'll try anyhow haha!