Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nothing too serious about Saturday!!

Saturday was a beautiful day in more ways than one.  The sun shone and life was just simply good.  On Friday I had planted all the plants that needed to be put in the ground but I was doing this in between the heavy showers of rain and the gusty wind.  Not ideal gardening conditions but at least the plants are well watered.  And getting more watering again today!!!  To the left of the out door furniture is a Buxus hedge with Lavender each end.  Then facing out is a mix of Lavender, Camellias, Hebe and Magnolia.  My plan is to keep the Buxus hedge about 50cm high and the other plants no more than a meter tall.  So I will have to prune on a regular basis once they get growing.  This area used to house the teenagers booze table which has left home and gone flatting with the boys.  It is actually covered in empties as we speak!!!  This area is now going to be more of a fragrant walled garden for us so called grown ups!!!  It is all ready for Summer to kick in so the umbrella can go up and we can dine outside.
Yesterday I biked down to the flat with a basket of goodies for the boys.  Fresh radishes, peaches we bottled last summer, and some of TOFs home baking.  His most delish chocolate oat biscuits, and a Banana cake.  Today he has a Sultana cake in the oven, because he is a whizz in the kitchen!!!  I helped Michael plant his tomatoes and I gave him a Celery plant for the flats vege plot.  Today While out at the garden centre I got the boys some corn, lettuce and some gardening tools, because I am a nice mum!!!  Actually I am stoked that they have decided to have a vege garden.  While out driving yesterday to pick up a super wee cupboard which I will share a photos with soon, I passed Memorial Park or Parana Park as I know it.  A flash of colour caught my eye so on my way back I thought I should stop and investigate.  Lucky I always keep my small camera in my bag because it was GORGEOUS!!!!!

My initial thoughts were that the most gorgeous Misfit in the world SARAH had done a quick trip to my hometown and crocheted up a storm and dressed this tree!!!  But whoever did it I say THANKS to them because it looks terrific.  Beats trees being tagged hands down and some how that tree looked all cosy and warm compared to all the others that were still trunk naked!!! I bet you can see why I just had to stop!!  Wonder how it is looking in all today's rain??
Now if I hadn't purchased this wee cabinet off trade me I would not have driven past the colourful and happy tree.   The photo doesn't do this wee cabinet justice, it truely is gorgeous.  It is 60cm tall and 50cm wide with two shelved behind the ornately painted doors.  The sides angle out going down if you know what I mean.  It is quirky and living in the lounge where it will be used as a side table when sitting in the lazy boy chair.  Perfect height for the phone to sit on and your coffee mug.  I guess the shelves will get filled with STUFF!!
Last night friends of ours arrived armed with a bit of booze and chocolate.  Me and Jenny had a rather nice bottle of wine and had a good old catch up.  By the time the rugby (All Blacks v Wallabies) was on the TV Jenny had fallen asleep so it was left to me, TOF and Greg to support our men in black.  Sad to say but it was a draw and not the most exciting game to watch but it was a pleasant evening none the less.  At one stage Greg had also nodded off and I said to TOF we should just turn everything off and go to bed.  Imagine waking up!!!  Sadly today is full on RAIN, and it is COLD!!  Not the best weather for a long weekend but at least we can stay warm and dry inside and relax lots without feeling the slightest bit of guilt about doing things outdoors.  Not that I ever suffer from guilt!!  Also we have friends from Auckland popping in to visit which will be super duper!!

I hope that where ever you are you are having a lovely weekend.  I am working tomorrow at the shop which I don't mind one bit.  So any of you locals that have tomorrow off don't be shy, pop in and say HI to me!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

We need to go back to see the yarn bombing!! How cool is that:D

Misfits Vintage said...

OOoh that tree is mentalfabulous!! I am totally inspired to crochet a tree jumper! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Yarn bombing reaches the land down under! How fabulous it is, too!
Totally digging your new chest (oh err) and very impressed your boy has a veggie garden. TOF rocks! xxx