Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cobble stones and cleaning for cash

I finally got around to going out into the country to pick up the cobble stones that I had bid on and won off trade me. Nice little drive out to Whatawhata and then turn left, then turn right and its the house in the middle with the black chimney. Didn't sound to difficult but thank goodness for google maps!!!  One nice thing with buying and selling on trade me is the people you meet.  Some are complete time waters and idiots but the majority are really nice.  Like today, the lady was totally lovely with the most adorable little boy with a head of cork screw auburn curls.  Could have taken him home he was do dam cute, then I came to my senses and remembered like kittens they don't stay cute for ever!!  Reality check!!  After the exchange of cash and a whole lot of chit chat I went off to load my 23 cobbles into the back of the car.

In the paddock next to where I was parked doing my thing was three calves.  This one was so nosy and could not help checking me out at the fence.  How come cows get to have great eye lashes??  Could have taken this home with me too as it also was in it's cute stage.  imagine TOFs face when this came bounding to the door to say "Hi you're home".  I seriously would love a few acres but I think we have left our run too late to be pretend farmers.  So I will stick to just my domestic pets and my girls and visit those in the country with stock!!

Took Jak to the Doctor today as his shin on his right leg is giving him grief.  It is his landing leg when bowling (cricket) and there is a chance it my have a stress fracture. Oh Joy!!!  That would mean a moon boot for six weeks and shag up his cricket season slightly.  We cannot get into the specialist until the 28th of November so in the mean time he will be having physio. CHING CHING!!!  More money spent, but most of this will go on ACC so I guess all the years we have paid tax we will get a little something back in the way of financial assistance with his bung leg.  But before he could rest up like the doctor suggested he was still in need of that petrol money.

Vacuuming with headphones blaring in his ears, and the odd text break of course!!!  He is cleaning the bathroom and loo in the morning as he knows the deal with me, COD as in cash on delivery and he hasn't quite delivered.  At this rate the lawns may even get mowed!!!

As for the rest suggestion she said no more running, so that's fine as you don't run when cleaning or mowing lawns.

Tomorrow is Friday which could mean Frock On around here, but all will be weather permitting of course.  It was pretty wet and cold today, so with a bit of luck who ever nicked off with our sunshine may just feel bad enough about that and return her in the morning.  I will let you know!!!

Sweet Dreams

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OP SHOP MAMA said...

I bet your boy loves featuring on your blog. Lol.

Glad you're having so much joy with mr picmonkey! You might have seen some of my pix where I literally colour in the messy background. Gold!