Wednesday, 14 November 2012

SuesDay with Gypsy Rose

We do our best to scrub up for our day out and I think we did ok today.  Always time for a pic or two before we head off on our SuesDay.  I wore my favourite black slip dress, with my pink tutu skirt under, and the jacket scored last week topped off with colourful bead, orange shoes and a happy disposition.  Left instructions for Jak to mow the lawns for petrol in the car.  Lets just say we still have daisies!!!  And he has no petrol.  I'm bad cop round here and TOF is good cop who gives in.  Anyway, back to today.  I wrote us a list of the places we were going to go to, and I even remembered to take it with us, and parking meter money.  Seriously scary but I may try for Most prepared person of the year 2012.  May as well have a crack seen as I am going for Mother of the year.  Mind you I think I am in the running for Wife of the year as I get up early (6am) every morning and make TOF a healthy lunch, deliver him to and from work, and I even BAKED little sultana buns for him yesterday!!  I know!!!  I may well have to clear the mantle for all these awards I am lining myself up for.

We went to as many shops as we could squeeze into on our list and were both working on cash only.  I am still on the $1 - $3 mission when buying at the moment unless it is something that I would just die if I didn't get it!!
This is the shop window for the Salvation Army Family Store in the main street at the moment.  So retro and so scary as I am sure I have lived through this look before!!

The selection below is a combination of today's and yesterday's efforts while out amongst our local oppies.

Going down starting at the left, Table cloth $2, two small Royal Worcester dishes $2 each, hand towel and bath towel $2-50, Chicken basket 50c, Angel candle thingy 50c.  Centre, tea towel 50c, twin thermos flasks in carry bag $3, shirt for Jak $3 (we thought it would look great with his Chinos but he just laughed). Right, Plastic plate similar to Duraware 50c, wooden pick-up-sticks 50c, decorative comb in cute container $1 (Japanese?), two dress patterns that I realise are only size 14 but will be easy to enlarge!!

Now remember I said I got Sue W a gift?  My friends are never quite sure if they should be excited about the prospect of getting a gift from me.  But this just spoke to me in a shop yesterday and some how it seemed so perfect for her.

With Christmas being thrust into our faces every where we go it seemed appropriate that she get a Tambourine!!  If there is a vacant spot on the Salvos truck that goes around the streets doing Christmas carols I think she stands a good chance of being on it!!  
Now you have to admit that face says "Joy" and "Enthusiasm".

I am going to leave you with our very own Gypsy Rose who got into the whole Tambourine thing in the garden this afternoon getting her groove well and truely on.  Only wish I had videoed the dance routine!!



Misfits Vintage said...

I am DEFINITELY crashing Suesday - I wanna dance in the garden with the tambourine lady!!! Love that last trio of pics so much! Also love your layered outfit and Sue's fab jacket - and YAY for op shopping treasures and sultana buns!

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

You have so much fun! Loving those dress patterns! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

..annnnndd we've still Frock up Friday to do! Woohoo! And yep gave Joe a demo with the tambo...he just kinda looked at me...concerned all the animals went and what's all that about??

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Youse girls look wicked innit?!

Nice frolicking!

Good scores too..
Like the $1 - $3 mission.. it really isn't that hard. that's about what I do usually. I find it hard to pay $5 for something. Cheapskate!

Sacramento Amate said...

I love your dance and fun attitude. so jealous of your wonderful finds.

daiseedeb said...

You be my kind of ladies! So much joy flowing from this blog! Will be checking in every now and then.
; )