Friday, 9 November 2012

Frock up Friday nearly didn't frocking happen!!

All Frocked up nice and early I was and then came THE call!!!  Panic out in the country at Webberville, someone had lost there mind wallet and was about to pull the plug on Frocking up!!  "Breathe" is what I told her and calm down.  Off she went to make some calls and search the house and car AGAIN!!!

So me thinking I am going to be Nigella No Friends all Frocked up with no where to go.  No car as TOF had it today.  Considered getting on my bike but in all this blaze of colour and my dislike of helmets I didn't!!!!

Decided to wait for my next call with an update and in the mean time watch "Downton" that I had recorded the night before.   Yes the call came, wallet still lost (and her mind) cards cancelled, and we are back on.  Frock up on Friday was a GO GO GO!!!!

My basket I have had FOREVER and hot glued all the flowers on it years ago.  The shoes are fabulous but decided they weren't the ones to wear when traipsing around shops all afternoon.  Double necklaces, some of my favourite ones.

After wandering around a few favourite shops, organizing a new replacement drivers license, eating a healthy salad sammie for lunch, taking in a few more shops, it was time for a coffee break!!!  And a sneaky muffin for Ms W and a cute as cupcake for myself!!  Rested and re-hydrated we off again.  Such a beautiful day to be out and about too.  And still only early afternoon, plenty of time for more shops and laughs!!  Save mart was the last to be looked in and I cannot believe the prices they are asking on some of the stuff.  Like $45 on a pair of shoes??  In saying that you can still find the odd thing they have missed and priced appropriately.  We gave in and headed back to mine for a cuppa and a ham it up session  in my garden.  We do like to entertain you followers!!!

pretending to be all grown up and lady like

excuse us while we take a nap

being all botanical and knowledgeable about plants

obviously still thirsty
we scrub up ok for a couple of old birds

flashing my underskirt

Quite like Frocking up on a Friday, I do own a few Frocks!!  And yes there was a little bit of money that got spent today on the following bits:

Gorgeous light coat for over Frocks, Floral Frock that is slightly big but can be altered, Chocolate Brown Frock for layering, as layering is my bag baby!!

Way to cute pin cushion container $2, Fab magazine with projects I like 50c originally $15-95?!?  Who pays that sort of price??  Oh and a bottle of Yves St Laurent perfume for $1 that smells divoon!!!  Borrowed that word from Helga.

Last but by no means least this wind chime for the garden.  Another annoying chime for TOF!!  I love them but the jury is still out with TOF.  My photo is crap but it is little porcelain barn with black birds sitting on the roof with veges and a scare crow hanging off it.  Perfect for the garden!!!

I would like to thank Mother Nature for turning on yet another day of perfect weather, and Sue W for pulling herself together and coming into town.  Both of you can take a bow and pat yourself on your back while saying "Marvelous Me".

Goodnight to you all and take the weekend by the short and curlies and have a good one!!!



Vix said...

You've both frocked up marvellously! You look fabulous and are definitely the layering queen, nobody does it better! x

Misfits Vintage said...

Get OUT! You look AMAZING! The floral and the underskirts and the floral basket and the fab shoes - and the hilarious pic of you two fabulous chicks having a nap! I wanna be an honorary Sue and gatecrash Suesday! Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue,
This would be an "old" friend of yours. Hope you remember Terry Greene from a while back.
Contact me at Would like to catch up.....