Thursday, 8 November 2012

I discovered a shop...

..that sells things that "float my boat", and I was all in a dither!!!  I had to go buy TOF some man hankies as he has manflu and apparently my hankies are too small.  Eventually I found some in Postie Plus.  Due to a good park at the Base shopping centre I decided to toddle off to Dress Mart.  Sheba needed a new ball as her ball can no longer be called a ball, more like a flat now.  Mission accomplished, man hankies and a ball for the dog, time to see what is happening at the shops.  Apart from the fact that alot seem to have closed and the odd new one had popped up it didn't seem that different.  Then I stumbled upon this place called "Typo".  I was laughing so much at the filthy humorous cards that the young girl working came over.  She goes "have you seen this"? For a buck 75 this fabulous Stamp was MINE!!  This place is full of things that made me laugh, and I like a place that can make me laugh, especially out loud!!  I found a few more gorgeous wee things for myself and lots of fun and inexpensive things for fun presents for others. As Arnie once said,  "I'll be back".

Set of 3 note pads for $5, I love note paper, always writing myself notes then leaving them behind so quite pointless really.  Floral mouse pad for the computer $2 and a matching floral pen $1-75.

The card I may go back to get says:

"Keep calm and carry on as we're all fucked anyway".

How appropriate is the use of my new stamp??

There are others and they are all called Tramp Stamp, for School, Work and Play.  Not sure how many teachers would get away with using such a stamp but I bet many would love to own one!!!  Gift for one of Jak's teachers maybe??

Another perfect sunny day here (sorry Vix you know I would send you some sun if I could).  As you were everybody, and Stamp on!!



OP SHOP MAMA said...

Love it!!! Also loving the floral-ness. John would love one of those stamps, for sure.. (he's a teacher) I had better not get him one!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I love many cool things!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

It is a cools shop, you got the same notepad and pens that I got lol :D

Vix said...

That's the kind of stationery shop I'd like! x

Misfits Vintage said...

That stamp is the best thing I have ever seen in my life! I NEED ONE!!!!! Sarah xxx