Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday is all done and dusted

Realised that I forgot to share the make up purchase I did last Friday when out Frocking around.  I have alot of sweet and innocent sort of lippies so threw all caution to the wind and went for a Tart Red!!!  Fell in love with this rainbow of eye shadows, pretty sure I did these colours as a teenager when trying to get into R18 movies when still only 16!!  I don't wear alot of slap but this stuff made me smile and I even did purple eye lids today!!!

So today with my purple eye lids I threw together a colourful ensemble. of recent finds.  Brown dress I op shopped last Friday, over top was op shopped the week before and it is exactly how I imagined it.  Underneath were HOT PINK tights as there has not been nearly enough sunshine to transform my lily white legs into an acceptable colour to be shown off in public!!!  Worn with  some shoes I have had for a few years now but I refuse to part with them, and a simple Mala topped it all off.  Before I even went to work this morning I had to go to the Sky office and get a new remote as ours was stuffed!!!  Finally took a photo of a bill board that always makes me laugh!!

Between Tui  and Hell Pizza the comical side to Billboards is well and truely covered!!!

So many of you lovely bloggers have shared pics of things like your dressing tables, wardrobes and other things.  Here is my dressing table which I have had for at least 30 years and I love the dents and dings it now has.

This corner is my side of the bedroom, but I have encroached into TOFs  side also.  My old printers draw full of tiny whimsies is on his side!!  The photo is of my dear old dad who passed away over 6 years ago, the frame was my great grandmothers and really gorgeous.  The other pic which hangs on the wall on my side of the room is my boys when they were little, like 2 and 4.  I love this photo of them they were so cute.  Now they are grown up and all manly, not nearly as cute, but I still carry a recent photo of them in my purse. Note Queenie is getting down and being quite cultural!!  She rocks!!

Monday was nice and steady in the shop.  Another happy day with lots of lovely peeps popping in and passing the time of day, some even spent money!!!



Vix said...

What a gorgeous corner, I love your buddha picture, the dressing table and the reflection of the ethnic wooden piece in the mirror. Your dad looked a lovely man, I can see him in you.
that dress is fab. x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

I love all yer knick knacks, you should get them out more often! One more sleep until Suesday! :D

OP SHOP MAMA said...

Nice work on the collageing picmonkey style!! Very nice dressing table shots. Love the buddha art and the photies.

Helga! said...

Love your dressing table!! I haven't had one since I was a girl, I have simply too much crap! I do yearn for one....
Nice eyeshadow pallet! I love wild colours!

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