Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Edible Garden and Poppie is here

When I wandered out to feed my girls this morning I was welcomed by "Poppie" and isn't she just gorgeous!!!  Of course this meant one thing and one thing only, PHOTOS!!  I marvel every day at what mother nature gets up to while I sleep.  Even tho' this is a temporary visitor to my garden I am going to enjoy the vibrant red each morning when off to feed the girls.  They didn't half kick up a fuss at me being late either!!!  When the rest of the Poppies pop out this part of the garden is going to be nothing short of spectacular, and I do like spectacular.

Finally made it down to the chickens to feed them and collect their eggs.  All around me we have edibles starting to show.  So much greenery with so much more about to happen and all in COLOUR!!!  So here is a collection of what is on offer in my back yard.

Going down in columns:
First, Thorn-less Blackberry, Raspberry, carrots grown from seeds, TOFs patch full of Spuds (because he is Irish) Leeks, Tomatoes, Capsicums, and lots of other lovelies.
Second, Passion fruit (new one as old one died off) Apple, 3 of my girls having a nosh.
Third, Lady bug visiting, Corn I grew from seeds, a very disgruntled and interrupted layer.
Fourth, Lemons, Strawberries, Cassie and Brucey having a late breakfast (you can see through to there own back yard) Raspberries and Garlic down by the Chicken enclosure.

I really enjoy pottering around at home in the garden, problem is that I don't get alot done inside the house.  Not that I really consider that a major problem.  Whilst out and about today I got Sue W a gift, but all will be revealed tomorrow on SuesDay.  I am sure she will show it off!!!  I have been busy parceling up and posting stuff I have sold on Trade Me, made a tidy amount that is going to go along way towards bills and things.   Panic not, I still have some cash for tomorrow.  Hope that the sun is out to play with us two.

I my garden


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

What is it!! I wanna know noooooowwww!! :D See thee int' mornin'

Vix said...

Your little chickens are too cute! x

Helga! said...

It's all looking so green and poppy red and lovely and CHICKENS!!! Squee!