Thursday, 22 November 2012

Summer dresses out in the country

The dress I scored yesterday all washed, dried and ready to wear!!!  Sheba couldn't find anything to wear except her flat ball.  I have gone and got her a new one but like a child with a pacifier (dummy) she prefers her old one!!!  It don't bounce no more!!!
So all dressed to embrace the beautiful weather I set off to get a warrant on the car Jak drives.  While that was being done I wandered across the T Straight which is part of SH1 really so I didn't wander I diced with death and sprinted!!!  Anyway I went to Look Smart a recycled clothing store (sorry Sue but I had to kill some time).  I got the cutest pair of Billabong boardies for my great nephew Kyden who is 6 for $4, a pattern for an A line skirt which hasn't even been cut out for $2 and some chandelier ear rings for $2.  Will put pics up tomorrow after I have been on a real shopping mission.
Back to my garage man for a quick read of his magazines and then I went next door to my old work and had a cuppa and a catch up with all the lads.  So nice to have a good laugh and feel like they all missed me.  Well I did entertain them all most morning tea times!!

The car passed its warrant of fitness thankfully because right now is not a convenient time for MORE BILLS!!  Tomorrow my car goes in for the same deal, but I will leave it and walk home because me and the Webber woman have a mission, Frock up on Friday for a start and a belated SuesDay.
Note the swing chair got dressed up today as well.  So nice to kick back on this with a cuppa and just chill out.
After lunch I went out to my good mate Dawns place for a visit.  She sent me home with some seconds, my favourite is my own mug.  I found a cute pottery soap dish today in an Oppy which I think could be re created larger into a salad bowl with drainer holes.  So we got sketching and the plan is to have a crack at making one.  So next visit my hands will get dirty in clay making a salad bowl and plate.  I found a lovely Carlton Ware one for $75!!??  I think making one will be so much nicer, so I shall keep you posted on that one.

Dawns goat has decided it no longer wants to be a goat so it has broken loose and now roams the main farm (her brother in laws) with three Alpacas that free range.  They were her mother in laws but she has passed away and none of the sons could be bothered so they wander the farm pleasing themselves.  So the goat has joined in like a gypsy and lives in the paddocks.  They have given up trying to bring the goat home, she is so happy cruising the land with her new mates!!
Goat is looking pretty small next to the Alpaca.

This is Dawns vegetable garden and where most of my inspiration has come from for my own gardens.  We spend lots of time fluffing about in this.  One day I will have a green house, I rather fancy the idea of growing seedlings and having all my pots and stuff in one of them.  I have reached that comfortable stage of my life where I enjoy to potter.  I now understand the buzz my grandparents got from their garden.  Theirs was the size of a tennis court and they grew everything.  Pretty sure they supplied most of the neighbours too.  My sisters and I spent hours sitting in the Manderine tree eating and chatting, or amongst the strawberries.  My grandmother was seriously green fingered and even grew Pineapples in her greenhouse, and her Turtle lived there too, amongst maiden hair fern and a small pond.  Give me the simple life any day, of chilling out in my garden with not a care in the world.  Well in my world that is.

Nighty night

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Vix said...

Loving the goat who doesn't want to be a goat any more. You and that sunshine look glorious! x