Saturday, 24 November 2012

Friends and Frocks on Friday

Sitting on my swing chair waiting for my shopping date to arrive I was taken back to my childhood by watching the clouds and thinking up what they could be.  My ever faithfully dogs were my companions until Sue arrived.
She reckons the cloud bottom right looked like my 1/2 chook Cassie the Bantam.  Now looking at it I rather think it is a rabbit!!
Don't you just love clouds that drift slowly and ever changing across the sky.  The swing chair is so comfy that I will admit to reclining and nodding off for a moment.
Before I even got to kick back outside I had taken Jak back to Physio and great news, he hasn't got a stress fracture, something else that is much easier to treat and manage,  so his Summer Holiday plans are back on track. Look out young ladies at the Mount this New Years, that is all I will say.  He is stoked beyond belief and with some more Herve Ledger Bandaging on his leg next week he is good to go with his Cricket training and playing!!  Phew!!!  Summer was looking grim.

Sue arrived in all her colourful fabulousness and we ventured off on our biz for the day.  We didn't seem to have our shopping mojo yesterday but did visit a select few places and still had a great time.  I figure if you get to have a laugh it is a successful day!!
We came back to my garden for a healthy home made lunch and our "Brown Son" as he calls himself, Jordan called in.  He had the hugest Afro which I loved but he finally got the lot shaved off.  So now sporting a close number cut with one cork screw curl rat tail thing at the back.  He is off to Oz early next year so the Fro had to Go!!  He calls us his other mothers.  We love him like he is our own and used to flat with our boys.
After lunch we zipped off to a few more of our favourite shops but not before we had the standard photo shoot. 

So this is what I gathered over the last couple of days.
Yesterday I got the divisional Italian plate (middle row left), the skirt, the pile of garden mags for more inspiration, and the extremely cute basket, a mini version of a big girls basket.
In Habitat I found the most gorgeous bag that I tossed up over buying, but anyone that knows me knows I own a substantial collection of bags already.  So I gave it to Sue and it looked so perfect with what she was wearing.  She got it, empty her old bag and hiffed that out, reloaded her new bag and we were good to go.  Hopefully she will share it in her blog.
My cousin called in late afternoon for Lemons, a cuppa and of course a catch up.  Then I got a phone call from my friend Vicki asking if I was going to hers or was she meant to be coming to mine.  Shit I had forgotten!!!  Written in my diary was 4.30pm Vicki's.  Re booked for last night after dinner.
Vicki and I met when Jak and her gorgeous daughter Melissa went to kindergarten together.  She is so much fun.  We didn't even drink any wine and we were roaring with laughter.  Missy (Melissa) is like a daughter to me and I adore her, and her mother.  Good friends are keepers and sometimes we forget to catch up.  But when we do, lookout!!!!  The stories I could share about us!!
I took them a bunch of my Sweet Peas as they are my sweet peas these two chics.  I didn't leave there until after 1am this morning so my day is going to be long, I am already keen for a nap!!!

The weather has clouded over so I may well just get that nap some time later on.  Well best go and do the domestics and look alert, because the world can always do with more lerts!!!  Have a fabulous weekend where ever you are.

Love to you all

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Vix said...

Love your green frock! Hope you had a fab weekend, too!