Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hunting and gathering

The life of a teenager and a small dog is obviously one of great stress and hard work only to be cured with plenty of rest and relaxation.  Oscar was quite put out that I had gone into wake the teenager up, both ignored me so I buggered off outside to carry on with my day.  I remember how much I enjoyed the end of the year holidays, 6 glorious weeks of NOTHING!!! Well not nothing, anything I dam well pleased really,  and all during summer.  We had a beach house so my family would pack up and head over to the coast for the entire time.  There are some stories to tell from those years I can assure you but I want you all to remain with the impression that I was and still am a good saintly person!!  Now where did I leave my halo and wings??

Before I share today I need to share yesterday.  Only seems fare!!  TOF gave me permission (yesterday) to pick the strawberries that were deemed ready.  We have the birds sorted with netting but bugs are having a fabulous time making holes in some of TOFs Strawbs.  I managed to rescue a few and there is quite the crop still ripening.  The raspberries are in abundance but like last year I need to pick in the morning before all the birds help themselves to a mid morning snack.  So it is pick and freeze with them.
I have been dead heading the flowers and collecting the seeds, putting them into paper bags and now they are safely being stored in this cane basket.  I think it was part of a picnic set where cups would have lived but it is perfect for my seed storage.  I also managed to pull a few plants out that have finished and plant this selection of goodies in the empty spots.  Sweet Williams, Portulaca's, Asters, Delphiniums, Petunias, and the ones at the back of the photo that I cannot for the life of me remember what they are called.  But the colour will continue in my back yard!!!
These are the things I found on Monday, which wasn't yesterday or today but Monday.  I am working Friday instead of Monday this week and also Saturday as the lady I work for is going away for a long weekend. Follow??
The basket I think is actually a pet carrier but it makes for a pretty good picnic basket so my old one will be re donated now.  The pots with holes in are a new fascination of mine.  I have about 6 so far and they will all have citronella candles in them and will be placed outside at night around the garden when we are out side dining!  How posh does that sound.  The fabric is a cotton bed throw with limey green fringing on it.  Perfect for my swing chair, and the tray is for my friend Dawn.  Now onto today, "SuesDay", at long last we had one and it was pretty much as I expected it would be, "Frickin Great"!!!
Dressed from top to toe and even the under wear in black and white.  Even dragged out my "Moo" bag.  I thought Sues dog Max had left hair behind in her car but apparently Moo had a slight malt.  Sorry Maxy dog x x x x  ♥!!
No time before we headed out for a group photo as Sue was fizzing at the bung to get out and amongst the shops.  We took in a good quota of our favourites and had a healthy lunch of a Greek Salad each because we are so virtuous!!
Going clockwise we have, sweet little lace layered jacket that Ms W found, brooch and a pendant, numerous patterns for 20c each, retro contact, another candle holder, groovy as floral shower curtain with flower curtain hooks (brand new) spotty pants, Italian sandals and a summer read, small round cushions for the white wrought iron chairs in my garden, and last but by no means least this fabulous plant a "Hippiastrum" which I shall be giving to my mother for Christmas.  The flowers are huge as in size of a saucer huge, which is huge for a flower!!  Quick toat of my spending and the lot came in at $45 which isn't a bad effort.  We had a good old catch up not that we haven't been catching up via phone etc, but so much more fun face to face.  One thing we noticed is all the daft drivers out and about, apparently something big is happening like Xmas!!!  It will be even worse next week as most kids will be finished school so there will be more cars of daft drivers with stressed out parents in them. (Sincere apologies to any stressed out mother with small children who will be driving next week, I will not toot at you I will feel your pain!)
I think we may squeeze in one more SuesDay before the end of the world and Xmas but we will leave earlier to go to JC so we can find a park aye Sue??!!

All in all today, well actually my week so far has been pretty productive with my hunting and gathering.  Be it in my garden of about the op shops, TOF must be so proud of me!!  Sure he is, just like I am when he comes home with Fish!!!



Vix said...

Love your black and white outfit and that fantastic pet carrier. The garden produce looks amazing, oh for a raspberry in December here! xxxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

T'was a grand day! And yep one more before the end of the world....should we max out on all the cards??

Misfits Vintage said...

Yummy strawberries still warm from the sun! So glad you had such a fab Suesday! Sarah xxx