Tuesday, 11 December 2012

and on the 11th day the tree got decorated

Back in the early days before kids TOF and I had a real tree in a huge pot that we would bring inside each December and decorate.  One year we even had a Barbie doll wearing nothing but tinsel at the top trying to impersonate a fairy.  Eventually the tree got too big so we planted it outside and it is one huge mother fluffer of a tree now.  Well that was all at least 20 years ago.  TOF then purchased me a tree that he thought looked as close to real as possible.  We spent many a year with it covered in hand crafted stuff lovingly made by the boys when at kindy and primary school.  Lots of macaroni and glitter glued onto card board.  Now that the lads are well passed that part of their creative Xmas decorating I get to lather the tree with all my whimsical things I have collected over the years, made or had made or gifted to me by friends.  Normally I dust off my tree on the 1st day of December but somehow it has taken me 11 days into the month to find my Xmas spirit.  I was only going to put my jandal lights on but TOF insisted in slapping the other two strings on as well.  So it is up in all its glory and will be there until early January I suspect.
The Santa boots I made when Max was a baby, and I even had a spare made, un-named of course in case we were lucky enough to have another baby, which we did a couple of years later.  These still have to be put out each year on TOFs insistence and he does the filling of the boots.  Now booze goes in them and bloke magazines instead of Orange Juice, chips and K-zone mags for the boys.  Here are lots and lots of photos of some of the decorations I have.

So that is that job done and it feels good.  We do a low key sort of Xmas, nice and cruisy with a big old cooked breakfast mid morning, no lunch and  a hot meal at night with an open door policy round here so we never really know who or how many will be here. But there is always a leg of lamb, home grown fresh new spuds, salads and hot veges, followed by a Pavlova made by me.  Last year we took a drive out to Raglan so if the weather is kind we will more than likely do that again.

But all that is days away so in the mean time a well overdue SuesDay is to take place tomorrow.  Sue has a day pass from decorating, so look out op shops!!!!



Vix said...

I can't really muster up any enthusiasm for Xmas, I'm afraid, haven't even thought about cards or presents yet!
Have a lovely Suesday & find lots! x

Helga! said...

Low key is the only way here, as it's totally the wrong season! I haven't had the old spirit for many, MANY years,actually! I love the fairy lights though! And stars! Gotta have stars, but all year round!
Ooo,Suesday! Go hard, girls!