Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Garden by Night and a bit more in the day

Tex and I hung out in the garden last night.  The evenings in summer are grand, when the sky is so dark it is almost black, there is a sprinkling of stars, the breeze is cooler and it is very quiet.  In all of the darkness the plants are closing up shop until dawn and all sorts of magic goes on that we are unaware of. So like a plant paparazzi I stalked some of my flowers before I turned in for the night.

Absolutely gorgeous is what I think it is!!!

Today both TOF and I spent a big part of the day out the back pottering about in the garden.  A while back I got some cobble stone pavers to do a garden edge, mainly to make mowing the lawn easier in this spot,  and also it ups the survival rate of the buxus hedge if the mower cannot chew at it's feet.  So I dug away and laid my cobbles and then felt the desire to plant a patch in front of the box garden.  We headed off to Bunnings as it is the closest and I came home with Livingstone Daisies, Alysum, and Dianthus. ( spelt horribly wrong)  I had a couple of Lavender plants so popped them in one end.  Fragrance and a bee attraction which is all good.  TOF got some more Corn, Silver beet for the girls,  Cabbage, and more beetroot, as he wants to fill the space now vacant in his garden where the spuds have been harvested.
I wore the short dress, or is it a very long top that I got the other day.  Well either way I wore it with under wear and jandals as it was that dam humid AGAIN!!!  Not sure if growing my hair over summer was one of the best ideas I have had.  Resorting to using a hair band to keep it out of my eyes, but I am still a bit of a Swetty Betty with the stuff round my neck.  I haven't had long hair since the boys were little. But I made myself a promise a long time ago that I would grow my hair long again when I was over 40, (because that apparently breaks some unwritten rule) own a small dog, (tick) and drive a small car like a very cool Mini Cooper (that is on my wish list, may need to get me a job).  Anyway, me and TOF did a photo shoot because we can, and self timer and tripod equals photo shoot.
Yahoo, I can hear RAIN glorious RAIN to cool things down and water my beloved garden.  We were supposed to have a storm today but that never turned up.  Very happy to hear the rain tho'. May do a dance I am that happy!!
With New Years Eve tomorrow, me and TOF may be heading out to our friends place at Raglan.  Something about some band at some club or bar or pub or something.  Will let you know how that all goes if we go out there.  Hope you all have a safe and happy NY, and kiss good bye to 2012.  Not the best year for this household so very  much looking forward to 2013 and what it will bring.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Your blooms are gorgeous! Both the real life ones and those on your luscious frock! Don't worry, we're all Sweaty Betty's at this time of year aren't we and love that you're making one of your post-40 plans to grow your hair long, come true - totally with you on the Mini Cooper - beep beep! I hope 2013 will be a better year for you, keep up with the beautiful garden, it's so therapeutic:). xo

Helga! said...

Gah, I can't stand my hair around my neck at the best of times!
Meow! lovely garden shots,darl!!!
Have a wild and woolly one tonight, wherever you may be, and snog TOF 'til it hurts!

Vix said...

Sending you, TOF, the boys and the animals loads of love and luck for 2013!!! xxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Happy new year!! You are gorgeous in that summery frock - your garden is beautiful and yay you for doing what YOU want!! Sarah xxx