Thursday, 3 January 2013

"2013" It's here!!!!

Monday, New Years Eve day.  TOF had to work for the morning so I pottered about at home being all domestic like.  By the time he got home I was well over being domestic so went out.  Got some fabric from Spotlight to make straps for my strapless dress.  I got slightly side tracked and tempted with lots of lovely fabric, then I reminded myself of the cupboard I have stashed with lovely fabric.  Next I went to the Dump shop or the "Dumporium".  Found 4 Duraware dinner plates at $1 each, Anne Hathaway's cottage linen tea towel, small Irish linen pinny all about Ireland, and 3 good sized terracotta pots that shall be planted with Tulips when it is Tulip growing season.  From there I  went and picked up my lovely big Clematis plant I bought off my Trade Me plant lady, only $6-50 and its a beauty.  This has since been planted where the sweet peas were growing.  Then I discovered my lead light panels I made 100 years ago when I dabbled in Lead light.  Have plans for these that involve tree stumps.  That is all I will say until I can set my cunning plan into action.
For NYE TOF and I went out for dinner and a drink or two.  I had the most delicious meal of scallops wrapped in bacon on a saffron risotto, with pesto and salad.  Trust me it was YUMMMM!!!  I don't normally do desert but we thought sod it lets go for it.  I had Apple crumble that was enough for two so half of it came home, with anglaise, walnut and maple syrup ice cream and fancy lattice work chocolate. I thought I was going to explode and rather thankful I had worn a suitable frock!!  We did a quick drive through town to see what the haps was,  and it was all folk our age having dinner!!  Home we went for hot drinks a recliner chairs.  By 9:30pm TOF vacated to go to bed, we do call him NANA around here because of his inability to stay up late!!  I did however watch a cheesy chic flick and waited for the New Year to arrive which was announced by loads of fireworks.  Next year I am not staying up and leaving a key out so the new year can see itself in!!

Tuesday saw both TOF and I working in the garden.  He harvested his garlic and the girls rotary hoed the dirt for him.  They were so funny clucking away to each  other as they spread dirt to kingdom come.  I spotted them sun bathing in the dirt in the afternoon, they hum with pleasure.  I was busy dead heading, and pulling plants out that had finished.  Generally just tidying up.  I even managed to bottle some more beetroot!!!
This morning we headed out to Raglan for a drive, a great beach place on the west coast.  It looked for a while like the weather was going to pack up and leave but it must have changed it's mind because we had a lovely time out there.  I love when you get to Raglan you come around a corner and there she is!!  Absolutely gorgeous when the tide is in, the first glimpse of the sea is always the best feeling.
We had a good old mooch about on the wharf.  All the buildings are new and replace the old ones that burnt down a few years back. Busy wharf it was too.  Cafe, fish and chip shop, Potter, Raglan Soul leather shoes and bag shop, and plenty of keen fishing girls and boys scattered all over the place. The silo's are now apartments, well have been for a while, and a boat was next to them on dry dock that TOF just had to inspect. He lusts after owning another boat.  I keep reminding him that his crew has left home and I do not have my sea legs!!
Off we went to check out the beach, well the good old west coast ruggedness.  The view above the beach is impressive and you can see for ever up there.  People were dotted all over the place having picnics and just enjoying their day.
We even walked the main drag looking at the shops!!  Well I looked at a few shops while TOF checked out properties that we cannot afford.  We bumped into a few familiar people and the town was just humming with crowds of holiday makers. All the cafes and the veranda at the pub were full up. I will confess to having a sneaky spend on a necklace and a couple of bracelets. Forgot to take a pic of my other one as I was wearing it but I am sure you will see it someday.
Coming home was a breeze, quite like being the passenger taking in the scenery as it all passes me by.  There was a time when I hated to be a passenger, but now, I love it.  I was fascinated with the odd hill that looked just too perfect!

Once we got home we had lunch and then both ended up nana napping!!  Couple of old farts we are!!  We headed off to the supermarket and laughed at how little we needed due to the teenager still being away at the beach somewhere!!
Tonight after dinner I pulled out the spent sweet peas and lots of the wild flowers that aren't too wild about being alive anymore.  I have been saving the seeds from my plants and in my first photo you will see all the sweet pea pods.
TOF is back at work tomorrow and possibly going away over night so I will be on my own and I would have to say "Loving it".

Good night

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