Saturday, 15 December 2012

R.I.P. Iggy Poop

Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work I went to visit my girls and gather their eggs.  Sadness!!  Ms Iggy Poop had passed away while I was not home.  The sweet thing was that Ms Casie, my 1/2 chook or the Bantam was in the coop on the perch watching over her.  We never knew how old Iggy was as she just arrived over the fence from the school via the care taker one afternoon.  She wasn't well earlier on this year but we nursed her back so this probably wasn't unexpected.  She was a source of amusement because she was so cheeky, basically you could not keep her out of the house or in her designated area.  So I say farewell Iggy Poop and thanks for all your fabulous eggs, may you free range for ever in Chicken Heaven with all the others!!
On other things that happened yesterday (Friday), I worked!!  I know Friday is for Frocking up but I wore my beloved crocheted Maxi skirt and went all animal like in the top department.  Slapped on some chunky heels and I was off!!  
Due to the humidity, menopause and no air con, the shoes were discarded by lunch time.  The freedom of bare feet!!!!  
I am working again today and have a desk fan already packed in the car and some flatter very summery slip on sandals on my feet.

They say as one door closes another one opens.  Same goes for things and people.
As Iggy Poop left, my Tui Gnome arrived.  He is happily sitting on patrol in the garden down by the girls area.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  So far the sun is shining ever so brightly here and we have a gently breeze, my kinda weather!!!  After work me and TOF have a party of the birthday variety to attend out at Webberville.  Camera will be packed to capture the moments from the evening!!!!


Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Aww poor Iggy Poop! The critters have a way of doing things...such as die in yer! See ya later! :D

Vix said...

Poor chicken! Hope the others aren't missing her too much.
Loving that crochet maxi skirt, it's fabulous. x

Helga! said...

O,poor wee darling Iggy Poop! Bugger.
Still, you glammed up a treat,despite the trauma, in that fabulous skirt and lashing's of animal! GRRR! Bloody menopause;I'm in the early throes and my body temperature is way higer thsn usual.No hot flushes though, I just get really hot and sweaty more easily.Blah.
Ooo, a birhday party!
Good. I expect some photo ACTION!