Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Arty Fartiness cup runeth over

My pottery was ready to collect today so don't ask me twice, I was GONE!!!!!  I am pretty stoked with it all.  The hearts just need wire hangers and then they can dance along my garden wall.  The salad bowl will be put to use tonight!!!  LOVE IT!!!  And my darling spotted vase is going to have copper wire, beads and crystals added to it, I will show it off when I have done it.  So glad Dawn insisted I play with the clay!!
When TOF cut down trees a few weekends ago I rescued some big branches to make the edges of my new garden.  I also saved some small bits to make into candle holders.

I managed to get TOF to get his BIG drill bit out and drill me some holes!! WHOA!!! Just the right size for my citronella tea light candles.

Super Duper!!!  Bless TOFs little cotton sox!!

Before I sign off, I hope you are all coping with the build up to Christmas.  I have this on my fridge.

I don't stress!!  I have drugs for that!! (from my doctor, legal like!!)  I don't really subscribe to the whole Christmas thing either, very low key and relaxing around here.

TOF has his birthday on the 23rd, dam inconvenient time for a birthday.  And his sister's is on the 20th.  Trust the Irish to do it twice at the same time of the year!!  Went and got TOF a nice old bottle of McKennas and some jox today for his happy day.  Far more worth while celebrating that one.

SuesDay tomorrow, last one for this year.  Not sure if we are mad or not as the traffic is bordering on dangerous in town.  But we shall give it our best shot and report in tomorrow if anything is report worthy!!



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Awesome clay art! I so wanna come play one day :D Christmas? Is it Christmas then?? :D Aye we'll do our damnedest tomorrow for sure :D

Vix said...

What fabulous creations, you are so clever!
Happy Suesday! x