Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Yes the Pav was GREEN

Apparently we were supposed to have crappy wet weather yesterday, as in traditional Christmas day weather of previous years.  Some one forgot to tell some one obviously as we had good weather.  Well it didn't RAIN!!!!
Back when the boys were small our day would start super early and it made for a verrrrrrry looong day!!  I got up at 6am to feed the animals and then slid back into bed where I stayed until waking at 8:30am which is late for me.  Dragged my sorry arse out of bed, got dressed and faced the day.  We had a late breakfast round 10:30am of bacon, poached eggs, sausages, croissants, and other bits and bobs, washed down with Earl Grey for me thanks very much.  As we were having a low key day we didn't have many presents, as in none for me and TOF just something for the lads.  We all basically filled in the day just chilling out doing whatever we felt like and if that meant snoozing, then snoozing it was!!  TOF and I made a few deserts, and he cooked a chicken, carved up some ham and I whipped up a couple of salads.  Oh and there were spuds from the garden that got roasted!!
I decided we needed more colour on the desert table so added green food colouring to the cream for the pavlova I made.  I am head pav maker in this house so I did have artistic license.  Topped with hundreds and thousands and of course strawberries from TOFs garden.
He made a Trifle, and dipped some of his strawberries in chocolate.  
I made a raspberry jelly that I added some of our Raspberries to.
We had far too much food so needless to say we will be eating this for a couple more nights at least. I think most people over cater on this one day of the year, for the life of me WHY!!  Today being Boxing Day has been another pretty laid back day at home.  Jak is off on his holidays tomorrow and poor old TOF has to go back to work.  I am convinced I will find something to do to fill in my days while home alone.  I do have a pile of books and a very un-spare, spare room!!!

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