Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Lights

When my boys were small and got into the whole Christmas spirit I would take them on a drive round the houses decorated with Christmas lights.  Over the years one suburb in particular, Harrowfield, puts on a pretty good show with most of the houses going all out.  We haven't done the drive by for a few years now but tonight Jak suggested he take me, his old mum!!!  Armed with an apple each to eat and my camera off we went listening to his Ipod hooked into some massive speakers in the back seat, all music with that chest thumping beat!!  Occasionally a song from my time zone came on, like Hotel California by the Eagles. Phew!! So we did the Harrowfield experience in the drizzle and the dark, windows down so I could take a few photos.  What a good boy he is, could have gone with some young bird but decided to take the mother out instead.

We even went and saw a house not far from our neighborhood that does a very OTT display.  TOF said he would hate to live across the road from a house all done up like that!!!  But whatever you think about it, plenty of peeps drive past and go wow!
The teenager thought a drive through town was in order, both of us forgetting it is Monday not Friday so not alot going on in town.  But the huge tree in the middle of town in Garden Place is pretty ok and photo worthy.  And I quite like the lights all down the main street.

Here's hoping the weather is dry  in the morning and that everyone has a nice day celebrating Christmas how ever they want to.  Merry Christmas to you all and may your day be filled with love, laughter and good memories!!

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Helga! said...

Alllriiiight,you can still pull yourself a young 'un! So he's your son, no matter! bless him for taking you out for a cruise!!! I hope you chucked a brown eye out the window at some poor unsuspecting sod!!
O, Hippo Birdy to TOF for the other day! YOWZA!
Hope you've been laughing and drinking up a storm, sweetcheeks!