Thursday, 17 January 2013

Crickey it's Friday already tomorrow!!!

Some weeks are just about over before you know it, and this has been one of those weeks.
I worked on Monday as per, and found a beautiful off white tunic top/dress that I felt the urge to own.  The pink leather bag I got last week and forgot to share.  This happens when you are over 50!!
Work was amazing, the day just went off, I was so busy and made lots of lovely sales to lots of lovely peeps.  I am working tomorrow, Saturday, then Monday and Tuesday as the owner is having a long weekend away.  Should be fun and the $$$s will be welcome in my purse!!
Tuesday morning I had to drop Jak off at the building site at 9am as he and one of the blokes he worked with had gone to see the "Red Hot Chillie Peppers" in Auckland the night before and were allowed to sleep in.  On my way home I decided to call in at the Dumporium and I was pleased with what I found.  Pond for only $5, such a score as these go for far too much on trade me, and an outdoor bench for $3.   know, only $3, what a bargin that was!!!  I found a couple of other small things but these were my best and a project just begging to happen.
After lunch I took a drive to Cambridge a very English little town only a short drive from the Tron.  I had the heart shaped bevel edged mirror to collect in the pic to the right.  $15 from Trade Me.  It is for a mate that wants one, if she isn't happy with it I will be happy to keep it.  I naughtly perched my camera on my steering wheel in the car to get the road shots!!  Tsk!!
Cambridge has gorgeous old buildings, fabulous cottage houses, Antique shops to die for, lots of lovely home ware shops with names like "Simply Divine" and it is.  And a handful of op shops. So I picked up the mirror, popped into see my lovely Aunty Jeune (dads older sister) for a quick catch up, and then felt it would have been rude not to wander about the shops as I was in the vicinity and I also missed my turn to get back onto the main road back to Hamilton.

I had a wee spend in the op shop above and that was it really.  I suppose with the school holidays still being on most of the op shops are being well picked over by holiday teenagers, and good for them I say.  I was just enjoying wandering about looking, but not looking lost or anything, which I wasn't.
Before I headed for home I stopped to take pics of the lovely old church that is iconic to the town.  It is smack bang on the corner of a major intersection so hard to miss in all its white glory.  I love old churches, I always think how cool it would be to convert one into a house.  Not this one tho' too big for me and TOF!!
I think I mentioned that I purchased a new toy for the kitchen.  The kitchen is not really room I spend alot of time in unless making jam or the odd pie or muffins.  Meals is not my bag, that is TOFs department!  Anyway TOF informed me that the leeks in his garden were more than ready and there was quite a crop of them.  I pulled the biggest ones out and set to with my Vacuum Sealer machine.  I liken it to laminating and it is hugely entertaining, or I am easily entertained!  I wanted to slice them, TOF wanted them whole, so bit of both!!  All now stashed in the freezer awaiting winter casseroles and soups.  Thinking this will be happening with the corn that is having a fabulous time growing!!
Wednesday I talked Sue W into coming into town for a quick going over of the op shops.  And a quick going over is what we did. She bought her lovely French girl Alice in with her and we were on a mission.  Above is a selection of goodies from then and Tuesday. I love magazines for 20c and 50c, all have had a thorough going over and now are ready to be re donated to Habitat.  The book is what I am going to be reading next, I have seen it before but not read it and I think it will be a goodin!!

Today project pond was implemented and I rather like the result.  I went to Petworld and got some fish, good deal of buy 3 and they gave me 2 for free, WHY NOT!!  So I walked out with a bag containing 5 golden fish of a good size, a pond plant, some food and plenty of good advise.  I have temporarily fenced the front so Oscar doesn't go swimming as he likes swimming in Ponds, and hopefully Sheba won't drink out of it.  Once the plants are established and the fish are bigger then the fence can come down.  The bench seat I have placed under my huge Idesia tree that my swing chair is under, but this is on the other side.  Not going to name the fish at this stage but TOF thought he would call them, Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha, Remu which is Maori for 1,2,3,4,5 (hopefully spelt correctly).  Ponds usually have Gnomes adorning the outer area so I thought my Tui Beer Gnomes could take on the job.  
I also made Jam I did.  6 jars of Strawberry and 6 jars of Plum.  I am the Jam Queen at the moment and they look super duper all lined up on the shelf with the other jam I have made.  We shall not run out that is for sure.

Oh big excitement, I have been interviewed on a blog called Coffee with a Canine, well I think that is what it is called but you can find it here, you may have to scroll down as this was a couple of days ago.  Well best I go and chill out before I have to deal with 2 days of work in a row!!!  Piece of cake!!

catch you later

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